Monday, March 19, 2007

Results from the Spoke Pony Showdown at Landahl...

Here's a summary of the Nebraska finishers at Saturday's Spoke Pony Showdown. It was a good day for Nebraska off-road cyclists, as we captured all four of the solo categories.

3-Hour Solo - Men
1. Kent McNeill
(rode the first lap of the race in 39 minutes and change -- incredible! )
4. Steve Jarrett
7. Greg Shimonek
12. Kevin Limpach
(the guy I saw on course more than anyone -- thanks for a fun race!)
13. Jay Thomas
19. Ryan Feagan
20. Ryan Atkinson
28. Troy Nelson
29. Mark Anderson
(nice to see you racin' buddy!)
49. Andrew Niehaus (aka - Millhouse)

3-Hour Solo - Women
1. Roxzanne Abbott

6-Hour Solo - Men
1. Matt Gersib
6. Corey Godfrey
12. Matt Wills (good job persevering through some major adversity to finish, MW)
16. CVO

6-Hour Solo - Women
1. Sydney Brown
(yup, she's the real deal)

Congratulations to everyone that raced Saturday!


3p0 said...

8 beers, 6 hours, 50 miles...

mid pack.....



someday I might do better if I worried more about results than having fun and riding my bike...
that and finding and drinking another beer....

congrats to you dude, you looked like you were having fun when I saw you...

MG said...

nice... you're right. it was perfect - for both of us. those heartland series races are always super fun, very well promoted events. and that course was a very nice reintroduction to singletrack. mw and i were waxing over those two big, fast left hand 180-degree corners on the course. that big one was sheer bliss every time i hit it!

i had planned on enjoying a beer or two during the race, but once i found myself in the lead, i couldn't get my head around the time it'd take. my mentality went from 'just finish' to 'well, i'm in the lead - i don't wanna give it up' pretty quickly once the situation became clear to me.

MG said...

btw - cvo - i think it's awesome that you have a great time at races. your presence makes it funner for all of us too. and everyone knows you've got skillz on a bike. you don't ever have to prove anything to me there. i know what's up.

you kick ass cvo. thanks for being you.

T-bone said...

Great job MG, Syd, Rox & Kent. I don't know what it is about that place but it seems like every time the NE wrecking crew takes home most of the hardware.

Have fun in Fruita:)

jcraig said...

I think the Panama Enduro is what put people over the top. Good job everyone. Good luck to all in the Link race next weekend. If anyone would like to be a bike marshall in wilderness and the bike paths let me know.

MG said...

Thanks Troy -- Races in KS and MO have always been fun and lucrative for Nebraska riders. I think it's because they build the trails just like I like 'em (tight and technical).

We also have a very competitive scene here in Eastern Nebraska -- lots of fast guys. Competing with eachother makes us faster overall. I sometimes wonder if we realize how good we've got it to have such a great cycling scene. My impression is that it's somewhat atypical for the Midwest.

Moab and Fruita, here I come!!

MG said...

jim, it's guys like you that help make our scene as great as it is. thanks for all you do to promote fun outdoor events!!