Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Oh Yeah... Things are looking good for the trip.

The sun is shinin', and the weather is sweet in both Fruita and Moab, and it's gonna' last through the weekend. Luckily, that's where I'm headed for the weekend. I'm taking off Wednesday after work, driving out to Lyons, CO, where I'll hook up with Redstone . We'll drive out to Moab Thursday morning, ride there Thursday and Friday, before picking up camp and heading back to the Fruita/Rabbit Valley area.

We'll hook up with Walker from YourMTB.com there Friday night, then we'll ride in Fruita Saturday and Sunday. We'll likely head back to the CO Front Range Sunday night. You can bet that I'll hit some sweet Front Range singletrack Monday morning before I head back Nebraska-way too. There's plenty to be had, and word on the street is that it's all in primo condition.

Redstone estimates we'll have a short dozen riders on the trip. Unfortunately I'll be the only current Nebraska resident in the house.. JP was supposed to head out with me, but he banged up his knee trying to keep up with the young Francis. So he's out. Bummer. But it'll still be a great time -- just a lot lonlier on the drive out to CO and back. And so it goes...

Mmmm... singletrack. I can just about smell the goodness from here. I'm jonesin'.


T-bone said...

Have fun. If it was after April 16th I'd ride out with ya. The man says no more time off till after tax day:(

MG said...

thanks troy. it was a sweet trip. hope to see you next week at the race.