Tuesday, February 06, 2007

If it aint moto, it's worthless... Hooking up with Salsa Cycles.

I'm excited to tell you all that I've just formalized a relationship with Salsa Cycles that will have me riding and racing their bicycles in 2007 and beyond. As many of you know, I've been on my current Salsa Dos Niner for about a year now, and it's been an awesome bike for me. I also had the 2005 version of the frame. It was my introduction to the world of 29ers, in fact.

What makes me so happy about this new situation is that I'm now able to represent a company that I was already a satisfied paying customer of. I chose Salsa because I believe in their products, and now they've chosen to work with me for the very same reason. It's the perfect relationship.

My Dos Niner will soon be joined by one of Salsa's new steel El Mariachi framesets, which I'll build up into my singlespeed, at least initially. And since the company also manufactures an incredible assortment of parts, I'll also be running a variety of Salsa components on my bikes in 2007. Stems, rims, bars, grips, chainrings, QR skewers... they make just about everything but the drivetrain, and it's all top quality stuff. "If it aint moto, it's worthless," they like to say.

I'll still be flying the Team MWC colors at races in the midwest in 2007. It's possible I may jump into a Salsa team jersey for some races, but Nate and Eric at Monkey Wrench will always be my local bike shop. And when I'm in Colorado, Dave at Redstone Cyclery is the shop du jour.

Yes, I'll still be getting my Intense Spider-29, whenever Intense decides to build it. Nothing's changed there. I still want a full-suspension 29er, Salsa doesn't currently manufacture one, and they're cool with me getting the Intense, so it's all good.

Check out Salsa's fine rides for yourself at http://www.salsacycles.com. Or, Download the complete Salsa Cycles 2007 catalog -- in Adobe PDF format.


debaser said...

Nice Matt! I'm glad that came through for you. I constantly lust after their cross and road frames. Yummy.

Beerorkid said...


MG said...

thanks guys. i feel pretty darn lucky to be working with them. that new 'cross frame they've got is ultra cool.

and the casseroll... that thing might be the coolest bike they make, period. i can definitely see building one of those up as my next road bike. for me, who never races on the road, it'd be just about perfect.

s_house said...

Top notch! Honch as always!

MG said...

thanks todd.

redstone said...

word up, buddy. I like the El Mariachi. That bike is stylin.

MG said...

thanks davey... it'll be cool to be back on a steel bike too. it'll be interesting to see how the plates in my right arm like the rigid fork action. i bet it'll be fine, especially around here in the land of smooth flat dirt.

len said...

dude, congrats!

they got some nice rides. that singlespeed is dope.

ride on.

MG said...

thanks len!

Cornbread said...

Congrats! Salsa is sweet!

MG said...

Thanks Cornbread!