Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New Headers...

... Hey, I recognize those legs!


debaser said...

And I recognize that picture. You and I should talk, pronto.

MG said...

yep. some guy i know shot it. oh wait... it was you!

the full shot is on the photos page, in the 'featured photos' section. notice i gave you the photo credit.

you've got my number,

len said...

doooood, that's like totally tubular! like, man like right on, you are suck a rocker, like radical, like you are like an internet god like of cylcling like or something like.

no seriously, cool, you rock, hope the flu has left ya'. stop playing with birds

MG said...

lol... lenny, how ya' doin? i'm feeling quite a bit better, thank you. nothing makes me thankful for feeling good like being that sick.

good luck at Ouachita this weekend!


MG said...

hey ganz -- i'll call you tonight.

len said...

I hope Ouachita ain't this weekend! If it is I am f'ed. Anyway. I am not racing when i go out there. Got signed up as a guide, which means i basically ride the whole course and help people with mechanicals and physicals. Gonna be sweet.

12 hour race this weekend a homeboy and I are going to try our hands at. That is if what some meteorologist are predicting of rain and cold (for Texas) temperatures in the low 50's. That doesn't sound like it would be too much fun.

Peace dude. Till we ride together again brother!

len said...

I meant to say rain and cold, no race. Just cold be texas standards, yeah I'll race. Did a 80 mile race few weeks back in the cold with scattered rain. Then after a dry cross race a very cold wet cross race, and two rides in our ice storm all happening in less than 2 weeks, my body just shut down and I got sick. Wasn't from like a bug, just felt like sheeat!


MG said...

oh, snap... i see my confusion now (on FFL). i was reading cvo's post to say he was going to the race this weekend, but it was actually that he was gonna czech out rental car rates for the trip.... aha! the light bulb goes on.

shit dude, cold there sounds like just about paradise to me right now. i think it's about 17 here, and i'm headed out for a quick ride before i call ganzel. yes, i'm still going to call ganzel. don't worry.

MG said...

len i can't believe you're doing 80 mile races in january. that's just wack, but i understand it one of those things that comes with the territory. better to do it now than in august when it's like 100 every day. take advantage of the fact that it never really gets too cold down there. lucky mutha.

maybe i should just throw my bike in the si and point 'er to the south... how long a drive is it to get down there? that'd be quite a road trip.

len said...

no longer than going to fruita. we have friends who made it down here in under 12 hrs from lincoln.

11-14 hrs is a good estimate for time required. its taken Tara and I a lot longer too. but that was do to a big snow storm and we've hit really bad traffic through Dallas.

riding's dope down here. plenty of road and mtn right in city limits to keep you busy for a long time. i'm still finding new trails out at the greenbelt.

ya' always got a place to stay and the spring mtn bike season is getting under way.