Thursday, November 09, 2006

rollin' the park tonight...

yeah it's not as warm as it was yesterday, but it's still a damn fine day. jb and i are meetin' up at the north bridge in wilderness at 6:30pm tonight (thursday). all are welcome to join.

chance of rain tonight, so get the park one more time while the gettin' s good.



-jb said...

do you live in that park... seem to see you there a lot.

nice to see you yesterday, hope you had a good ride.

mg said...

lol... i've been spending a lot of time out there lately. i don't know how much longer we'll have the conditions we've got now, so i want to get as much time in out there as possible before it declines.

it was good to see you and jace out enjoying the park yesterday too. i was surprised how few people were out there. john t. and i hooked up at the ep bridge and rode back through together. he can rip through the park at a good clip!

mw and i are heading out tonight too -- around 8pm if plans hold together. lemme know if you're in.