Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Legend of the Assman...

My GB Drew (at work) brought this back from his trip to see his family in Iowa this past weekend. Looks like the Assman is alive and kicking... in Denison, Iowa. Who'd have thunk it?

Happy hump day,


gearsurfer said...

Hi MG,

are you still riding the Bionicon Edison? I've just come across your blog today and thought I should get in touch with you. I'm friends with the Bionicon guys in Germany and I've been working with Paul to get Bionicon bikes from the States into Canada. I put a link to your blog on my blog I hope you don't mind.

It would be great to hear more about your experience with Bionicon bikes.


mg said...

hey mike - thanks for your message, and for putting a link to my site up on that's super cool.

i'll try to post a more detailed review soon, but overall, i liked the bionicon. in some conditions it was absolutely ideal. in a resort-type all-mountain setting, it's very cool. the adjustable geometry really works on steep ups and downs.

the downside for me is that all the pneumatic complexity on the bionicon messed with my head when i ventured into the backcountry. this was perhaps a feeling that was perpetuated by a faulty adapter that i had to replace right after build-up. the old "once bitten, twice shy" deal, it seemed...

i liked the performance of the edison a lot in colorado. here in nebraska, i found that there weren't really the right mix of terrain conditions to make the most of the bike. as a result, it didn't get ridden as much as it would have in rockier, rougher conditions.

as a pure freeride bike, i preferred the bombproof feel of my kona stinky deluxe, even though it was/is 10lbs heavier than the edison. clearly the edison isn't designed as a freeride bike, though Fergy certainly has done his share of big drops on his!

i just sent my edison back to mic at bionicon -- i was riding it and giving those guys my feedback on the bike, and mic had a guy in colorado interested in trying it out.

i'd really like to try a golden willow here in nebraska, and one of their new ironwoods on some big drop stuff. that bike looks bomber!


mg said...

don't get me wrong... i liked the bionicon a lot. it was just not in its optimal terrain in nebraska.

contrary to my fears, it was totally reliable after i replaced that faulty adapter.

i hope bionicon gets the distribution necessary to get the bikes in front of people, because they are very fun bikes to ride in their element.

gearsurfer said...

Hi MG!

thanks a lot for your responds! We are going to take an Edison and an Ironwood out on Vancouver's North Shore on Saturday for the first time. I've been riding a Knolly V-Tach for the last 2 years and I love it. But after I had assembled the Bionicon bikes this Monday and took it out for a test ride on the parking lot around midnight I was blown away by how great it works on the Ironwood. It just makes so much sense! The geometry adjustment is so much fun and it almost feels like you're experiencing how to ride a bike for the first time again. I spend almost an hour with the Ironwood going over curbs and taking corners with all possible geometry settings to feel how the bike would react.

Once you've ridden a bike with on-the-fly geometry adjustment you will never go back...

We'll see how the Ironwood performs under the harsh North Shore conditions.



mg said...

Thanks Michael -- keep me posted on how that ironwood works on the big stuff. i have to say that i'm more than a little envious.