Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tuesday night -- must be another MWC ride adventure!

image - CVO (thanks)

We had a good sized group of riders for the MWC ride last night -- not as big as we've had it recently -- but I'd estimate we had 20 people at the top. Some new guys, Damon and Brett of Coffee House fame. We even a new she-ripper on the ride named Sydney B, who somehow by her magical powers even pursuaded Conrad to ride outside his usual ride triangle (MWC, The Mill and home) and go through the park with us on his sweet SS Bianchi San Jose. Man, the boy does BRAN, and all the sudden you'd think he's a world traveler! Syd, it was great to finally meet you, and thanks for getting Conrad on the ride last night.


3p0 said...

yeah, purdy good last night.

you missed the gravel and b road goodness that was had at the end of the night.

only about 5-6 miles of it, but it was still a nice change.

the group just started whittlein down after the beeramid.

till we rolled outa the park with only 4 of us left.

I'd like to get on the bike to ride a bit tonight, but I've got some work at the bar, then I'd like to take over my old wheel and what not to Wills, so he's got what he needs to lace up my new front hoop.

mg said...

sounds like you guys had fun after we split off. woodman, bonsall and i had a great time ripping back through the park.

let's talk after 5 about riding tonight. i've got a few things to do right after work, but i'd love to get out for a ride at some point.