Saturday, June 17, 2006

NWTT -- Hey, are we wet yet?

At least the rain held off 'til after everyone finished. We were feeling no pain by the time rain was coming down anyway. Woodman said we were waterproof... and we were.

If I only win once this season, that was a fun one to win. Woodman and The Man in Black gave me a good run for my $$, and had JP showed up on time (and not taken an off-course excursion), I betcha' he'd have taken it.

What am I talking about? If you don't know, neither do I.

Happy weekend!! MW, JP and I are headed out for a spin right now.



3p0 said...

congrats buddy, but I think you got yer work cut out for you, with such an awsome trophy, I think your gonna have some compotition next round.

whenever that happens....

so, 40:22 is the time to beat...

good luck all.

mg said...

thanks cvo, and thanks for all of your effort and passion getting this going.

if you haven't seen it already, you have to read the article "Illicit Sweat" in the July issue of BIKE (p. 44). it's all about what you're trying to do with the NWTT.

ironically cvo -- when i talked to you a few minutes ago, that was the article i was reading when you called. freaky...

i bet several of us can pull off a faster time than 40:22 at the next race. that's the payoff of pole position, right?!!

thanks again buddy,

debaser said...

uh, ok, wtf?

dan said...

when are we going to get the chance to mispell your name on that thing?

mg said...

the trophy is back at MWC dan. if you want, you can grab it there, or i can bring it down to tmco for you -- whichever works better for you.

gimme a call if you need me to mis-spell my name for you. you know my number... :-}