Thursday, March 09, 2006

New Bike Thursday...

if all goes according to plan, my new salsa dos niner will pass through the doors of mwc world hq late this morning. i liked my '05 frame so much, especially after riding a number of other 29ers with it back-to-back, that i decided to give the '06 frame a go.

the only reason i didn't just keep riding the '05 frame comes down to tire selection. the '05 frame can fit most tires, but not a 2.3 Exiwolf. for most people, that wouldn't be an issue.

so the question of the day is: are you, or someone you know, looking for a new 20-inch 29er frame? here's your opportunity to own the exact salsa dos niner frame reviewed in Issue 1 of Lincoln Ve-Low. first $600 takes the frame. a silver thomson 410mm seatpost is also available for $50. if interested, leave a message here, or send me an e-mail:

it's almost the weekend... and it's new bike day. whatever you're doing, make it a great day.



RF said...

I 'spect the 06 will be a tad stiffer at the seattube, should help you pin it to win it in the corners man. enjoy!

mg said...

dude, it's super sweet. i also got a set of kenda karmas, which shaved serious weight off the wheels. it dropped more than a pound on the wheels alone!

mw said...

what that dead sexy bike in the background??

mg said...

no joke... the pink lady.