Monday, March 06, 2006

Monday musings...

I don't have any pics to share (sorry), but MW, DK, special guest Mark Anderson and I had an awesome voyage in the Bohemian Alps yesterday. In all, we ended up with about 90 miles and six and a half hours of time with the wheels turning.

The ride included a trail that I've always wanted to check out -- the Oak Creek Trail from Valpraiso to Branerd -- about 10 miles one-way. On the way out, it ended up being uphill and against a pretty persistently strong headwind... Bummer.

But going home we FLEW! 30+ miles per hour much of the time -- on mountain bikes with full knobbies! Sweet!

Some not as well versed with long rides may not have any idea what sort of sustinence it takes to do a ride like we did yesterday, so without further ado, here's what I downed during the ride:
  • espresso -- about 18 shots' worth -- in the form of several americanas with honey. no joke.
  • mountain dew pitch black -- two 20 oz. bottles -- one in valpraiso each time we passed through. you can't find 'pitch black' just anywhere these days, ya' know!
  • cream filled long john -- one (mmm... donuts)
  • beef jerky -- one small bag (mmmm... jerky)
  • Dolly Madison cinnamon rolls -- one package (2 rolls)
  • Blue Powerade -- 2 large water bottles (48oz.)
  • Nature Valley sweet & salty granola bars -- 2 bars
  • skittles -- 2 bags (bonk-proofness guaranteed!)
  • Lays dill-flavored potato chips -- one bag
I'm probably forgetting some things too... Suffice to say I had plenty of sugar, caffiene and salt -- the staples of fun rides in the hills!

Happy Monday!


3p0 said...

dk was ragin about the fun time you guys had. sounds like something to do in the future... I'm sure i'll be partaking in the future...

Platte was sweet this weekend. we need to plan a night ride.

maybe thursday night?

mg said...

sounds like we both had good times... just different good times.

i'd love to get platte thursday night. great idea! let's round up the troops...

Filemore said...

Thursday night platte ride. I could do that after work. 7:30 departure from C.W. parking lot?

mg said...

we'll have to see... it's pouring rain right now (9:10am wednesday), but hey, i'm an optimist.

did i mention that my new dos niner frame will arrive tomorrow? oh yeah, it will.

Crunk Monk said...

Roadies have been riding the Oak Creek trail for years. Part of a nice 100-mile loop from Lincoln. Suprised you dirt-types just discovered it.

mg said...

with so many gravel roads to explore, sometimes the rails-to-trails stuff doesn't get as high a priority as they perhaps should...

if the trails are dry at branched oak, we often won't go any further north -- we'll just stay at the lake, so it's rare that we make it that far north.

beautiful country out there though -- big hills too! since i grew up out there, it's like going home for me.