Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Whew... I'm not doin' so good on my number one goal for '06...

Yeah... I gotta' slow down! My beautiful wife tells me about it all the time, and this morning on the way to work, it was confirmed by the LPD yet again. Luckily it was another warning, but the message is clear to me -- it's time to cut out the speed racer antics in the car -- on public streets that is.

I can't say I won't ever toe up to the line at one of our fine Nebraska SCCA races at some point in the not too distant future, but racing cars stands in direct time (and budget) conflict with racing bicycles. And there lies my problem -- I still love to ride and race bikes, and that takes a lot of my time... But I digress.

The irony of my getting pulled over is that I was actually running ahead of time this morning, so I had no need to speed. I was still pretty much on-time even with getting pulled over, which is pretty amazing for me!

With that somewhat stressful start to the day, I'm looking forward to a sweet ride from MWC tonight at 6. The weather doesn't get any better than this, and the conditions in Wilderness Park are ON TIME! Nate and EP were talking about throwing in some alley cat antics on the way to the park, which sounds like fun. Urban doubletrack to suburban singletrack -- yep, that's the ticket!

Tonight's ride will likely mark the return of a special bike from my past. With no bike sponsor this season, I've gone back into the vaults and called one of my old favorites out of retirement to back up my Dos Niner.
Hope to see y'all there.


3p0 said...

oohhhhh snap. I'm tingling with anticipation...

uh, for the ride,
to hang with all my buddies,
and to find out what the hell your riding tonight..

hey lead foot. I'll race you on waverly road with my wife's car.

you'll be eating my dust,

debaser said...

I bet you were yellin'hell in the car until you rolled down the window.

"Hello ocifer, why hast thou pulled me over?"


mg said...

nah... it happened so fast that i didn't have time to even get 'oh shit!' out in my head before i was pulling over. they get 'cha pretty quick these days.

luckily i know where the insurance and registration cards are too. i'm pretty efficient at gettin' out the goods, as it were...

cvo, you gotta' have skillz behind the wheel to back up the hp in your wife's car dude. i don't think you've got what it takes to take on the champ on gravel roads. you start talkin that smack, you better bring the big guns.

oh, and that was a super duper x 2 ride last night. what an awesome group! cornbread did a smashing mw impression with his 'perfect pace' action on the way back. talk about a super groove!!

butchie, you're riding incredibly strong right now... it's inspiring to see how much your riding has matured during your time away from lincoln. you've taken it up a couple of levels for sure!

cvo, i wasn't really serious two paragraphs ago. i know that nissan is faster than shit, and is probably easy enough to drive that you could handily kick my ass with a beer in your other hand... ahem. i know you'd never do that.

fruita. just cleared the 'wife' hurdle successfully this morning. provided i can get the time off (which i'm sure i can), we're all set.

i think it'll be good to have a bit of a lower-key approach this year too. last year our groups size made us look like a herd of buffaloes sometimes... not that that's a bad thing, but i like low key too.

3p0 said...

I think i'll stick to racin on my bike...
it's a little safer.

but some day this summer,

go carts. I'll put the hurt on ya with these skizzils. I grew up on gravel roads dude, I'm a closet nascar fan.

3p0 said...

yer right though, too much fun last night. that was sweetness

mg said...

ooooohh... go karts. yep.. you're on!

i'm a country boy too, ya' know. learned to drive at 8 years old in my grandpa's 69 ford f-100... on a gravel road.

i was driving my mom's honda prelude (with a pillow on the seat so i could see over the wheel/dash) less than a year later.


debaser said...

w00t! Fruita!

(Unless y'all need a tour of the Upper Arkansas Valley)

redstone said...

no sponsor? Did mwc even deem you unfit? heh heh. Want to ride for the 'stone?

mg said...

no, i think mwc and i are cool. i just don't have a frame/bike sponsor. kona went with schlake (not a bad idea, admittedly), but that left me without any 'growth opportunity' with them in that regard.

plus, i love that klein. i'll happily race it until someone comes through with a frame for me, or it breaks -- whichever comes first.

the rear triangle on that bike is pretty new -- got it on warranty for the one i cracked in late 2002. it doesn't have many hours on it, but those rear triangles are a big question mark. they could last two years, or two weeks, and only time will tell.

the front triangle (being actual klein hardware) isn't going anywhere... and damn, that bike handles like buttah!