Friday, December 16, 2005


you mean to tell me i'll never do this jump again?
MG @ the 2005 Beer Ride

3p0, you're going to be super bummed... maybe you've already seen it, and if you haven't, i hate to be the one to break it to ya', but you know the log you spent so much of your precious time sculpting to perfection using all-natural materials? yeah, well stinkin' lincoln parks & rec came in and tore it up. scattered the debris all over on the floor of wilderness. now just the main log remains. no triangle... no ramp up... no ramp down.

Nate making an important log-borne delivery earlier this fall

when mw and i rode up on it last night i was despondent, and honestly, it confirms suspicions that i've been having that it's time for my family and i to once more move away from lincoln. yes, we've got great friends here, and i can't say that we won't just move to malcolm, or somewhere like that -- but i refuse to waste my time trying to convince the deaf ears at lincoln parks & rec to allow us to build more, better, more challenging trails when they can't even let this log alone. it wasn't like you had to ride over it or anything! don't they have better things to do with their time?!!

it'll be interesting to see where laura, our stable of pets, and i will end up... only one thing is certain in my mind -- it's time to leave lincoln.

oh, and wilderness is SKETCHY right now. basically a sheet of ice right down the middle of the trail, so you're forced to ride the grass margins, and even then, i went down a few times in grooved ice. and to whoever rode through there when it was warmer/wetter (and put a big ass groove in several sections of the trail), PLEASE STAY OFF THE TRAIL WHEN IT'S MUDDY!! you obviously don't understand the INSANE DAMAGE it does to the trail. okay, i'll stop.

sorry for the bad news on a friday. let's party our asses off this weekend to compensate.



3p0 said...



it's ok man, relax... it's all good....

it just means theres something else to do now.

don't worry about it.

you don't need to move either. to many good buddies around here to move away. too cheep to live. too much fun.

of course they ruined it.
but it's no reason to stop trying.

it's no reason to stop being involved.

if anyone should be spanked, it should be me. I shouldn't have done that in the first place. sure. it was fun. and all. but we all knew over time they would tear it down. I'm surprised it stayed here this long.

oh well.
spring is just around the corner.

3p0 said...

hopefully they didn't spread everything all over the trail and ruin that..

Beerorkid said...

awwww man

mg said...

thanks cvo... you're a very good friend -- and you always will be.

i agree that there are other things that we can do, but it's frustrating to have a parks dept. that continually chooses to keep their heads stuck in the sand...

they at least keep the debris off the trail.

again, don't they have anything better to do with their time? apparently not...

3p0 said...

I'm gonna talk with them myself untill I realize I'm up against a wall that won't move.

I'm butstin out the pirates eye patch again...

Filemore said...


I am banning you from moving because i am about to move back!

We'll make trails and get stuff done. Have I ever let you down?

Its down to about 11 days now and I'll be just up the street from Wills.

redstone said...

What's the bike to bring for riding Xmas weekend? Think y'all will be on cross bikes or mtbs?

mg said...

i'd bring an mtb... looking forward to seeing you friday!

mg said...

you're funny butchie... i'm in a better mood today -- no immediate moving plans.

looking forward to seeing you butch!