Monday, December 19, 2005

And with that, the 2006 racing season is a wrap...

Photo: CVO

A brave few made it out to the final weekend of bicycle racing in Nebraska this past weekend at Branched Oak Lake. I made it out for the race Saturday. For my effort I was rewarded with first place in the singlespeed division -- my first race win of the season. Hey, at least I got to win one, even if it was pretty much my last chance of the season.

If I'd have raced the As, I wouldn't have gotten that win either. Der Kaiser Wilhelm held court again this weekend, handily disposing of some very worthy competitors. Such is often the case with phenomenally gifted and driven athletes such as Der Kaiser. He wasn't on a fixed gear this time, but he was on a singlespeed... Lucky he didn't race the singlespeed class to warm up for the A race...

For as fun as Saturday's racing was, I couldn't get out of bed to race Sunday morning. Instead Laura and I got coffee, and a more casual start to our day. It sounds like I wasn't alone. Many who raced Saturday didn't come back out Sunday... Two straight days of racing is tough to pull together mentally and physically in December, unless you're one of the few that have a shot at a title, of course.

Thanks to all who made the '05 NE. Cyclocross series happen. Once again, it was a very well put together and run effort.



3p0 said...

dude, if you would have gone slower, that picture would have been a lot better.

I guess the cold made my phone slower....

congrats racing dude.
see ya soon

mg said...

hahahaha... i like the shadow effect in the photo. no worries!

thanks again for all your cheerin' cvo. it makes racing even more fun when you're there.

debaser said...

Where's the picture of your trophy and wad o' cash?

In my limited racing this year, I hurt like hell and had a blast. What I really want to know is: Was it fun?

mg said...

hell yeah it was fun! ok, a weird sort of fun, but fun nonetheless.

... medal pic to come. sorry, i left the cizzzash at home.