Monday, November 21, 2005

Where was I this weekend???

As many of you have noticed (surprisingly), I decided not to race 'cross this weekend. Heck, I didn't even show up to watch! What's my deal?!!

Well, my deal is this: My body is still hurting from a black ice-induced fall last week, and I didn't feel like flogging my already-flogged body senseless racing 'cross. And honestly, I don't know if my back perpetuated this or not, I just didn't feel like racing. I didn't feel fast... and when I don't feel fast, it really doesn't make sense for me to blow fifty bucks on entry fees just to ride around in circles in the mud.

I was actually on my way out to watch the racing Saturday, and for some reason, I turned off and went for a ride alone instead. I don't think I was quite ready to have to reply to everyone that would have asked me why I wasn't racing. It's hard to go to an event and spectate when everyone expects me to participate, especially when I'm still bummed about making the call to not race.

Sunday, I went out at 8am with Chapman and MW for a more serene gravel road tour of roughly 65 miles. It was pretty good... in fact I felt quite a bit better than I did Saturday, so I was thankful.

Short week this week... and hopefully the weather will support a solid week of riding.



3p0 said...

I missed ya this weekend.

and I understand about not wanting to be bothered. shit dude, you just need a sign that says, I'm injured, now pass me a beer.

I'll see ya what. wednesday or thursday at bo...

gonna be a good one.

sda said...

anyone got a niterider battery that will work with my crusty, ancient digital pro 6 ...? please? pretty please? i wanna ride at night with yous' guys when i'm in town in a couple days ....

mg said...

thanks cvo... platte tomorrow night too, if you can make it.

otherwise, wed. night at b.o. will be the shiznit.

sda... i wish i had the battery you need. i never had a 6v niterider, so everything i had was the 12v stuff -- and mw's got all that now.

i'm sure we can find you a light tho... i know cornbread has one that he's offered to me when i've needed one.

RF said...

SDA, I have a water bottle battery from an old digital pro 6. rebuilt it with NiMH cells, but same digital internals, same charger, etc, so it should work with your system. I get about 3 hrs runtime on full 15watts. It has old style round plugs that nightrider doesn't use anymore.

Email me (check profile), I'll send ya some pics to confirm plug compatibility and I'll get it to ya.

MG, way to give yourself a chill weekend. No need to feel guilty. That gravel road adventure sounds awesome.

mg said...

thanks rf. i know sda will thank you too if you can lend him your battery, especially since you've got that super pimp HID system now!

hey rf: we're ridin' platte tonight. 6:15 @ the turkey lot. hope you can make it!