Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Riding Wilderness tonight...

6pm @ MW's house. Call if you're planning on coming so we know to wait. 314.2150.

Dress warm and bring a bright light!


3p0 said...

sorry i didn't make it last night guys. I didn't get home till 7:30pm i'll bet you were already out there...

I'm also not gonna make platte thursday night. sorry.

got some shit to fix at the house.

mg said...

no problem buddy... i'm not ridin' tonight either. my back it hurting from hittin' the deck last night on some black ice. mw and i did a rare tandem yard sale. it was crazy. i got to watch him crash while laying on the ground. we both got up laughing... it wasn't until this morning that my back told me it wasn't happy. oh well... probably need a day off anyway.