Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Monday's payback & Thanks CVO!

Yesterday qualified as a "typical" Monday in the office, but I was lucky enough to get a solo run through Wilderness after work that more than made up for it. I can't believe how well 30c Tufo tubular clinchers work out there, even when it's dry and powdery.

Of course, while I was in the park, I had to shoot a few pics of my Jake the Snake, complete with custom Monkey Wrench graphics courtesy of my GB CVO. Czech it out... THANK YOU CVO!

While I was in the park, I got to see Dan and the TMCO crew. Of course I roll up on 'em at the first bridge and they're hangin out... It was the typical scene, but it was super good to see you guys out there on the trail! Dan, now that Interbike is done, maybe we'll get to see more of you on rides! I hope so! Then we can start talking about that new lighing system I wanna start prototyping...

Have a great day!


3p0 said...

great, now that peeps are seeing this I get the fealing I'm gonna start gettin request.

I better put together a wish list...

sda said...

tubular clinchers eh? i've been thinking about doing that or just straight up tubulars ... since i have a pair or two of old race wheels that are in dire need of a 'cross thrasing before they are permanantly retired.

bike is lookin' good MG ... 'cept for that nasty green handlebar wrap ... that is so 1992.

when's your first 'cross race? i did two more down in gunny last weekend. ended up 6th in the open class on saturday evenings twilight 'cross (missed podium and money by one spot ... cripes) and then on sunday got 3rd in the cat. 3's. i was thinking about it, and its been 6 years since i've done a proper 'cross race. why did i wait so long to get back into something soo soo beautiful?


mg said...

sorry cvo... you know i'll make it worth your while, and i'm taking the extras over to nate, so he should lay off you for a while.

daverill, i decided to try those tufos because i wanted to see if there was anything to the good things people say about tubies. well, it's true. my bike feels about a gear faster everywhere with those tires on. they're so good in fact that i've been looking for a pair of tubie wheels on ebay to do the real deal with. the only downside of the tubular clinchers seems to be the missed weight savings (that you get running real tubies).

i ended up gluing the clincher bead to the rim, so i didn't have a "jay thomas cx #1, 2001" incidents (where the bead rolled off the rim due to low air pressure).

the green bar tape is team issue dude. don't dis the team issue equipment dude. nate knows people... you should be scared... dude.

the first cx race in ne is 10/22. i'm gonna' do the cw duathlon this weekend, will have next weekend open, and then WE'RE RACIN'!!

fucking awesome performance in your gunnison races daverill! one place outta' the money is still a pretty good (if frustrating) spot, especially out there.


dan said...

i think my workload has become almost manageable...that means biking and catching up on quality time with the wife.

where's that light project at?! it is the season.