Thursday, September 08, 2005

That's an affirmative...

... it is new bike Thursday! Woohoo! I got it more than half-built over lunch... installed my King headset (of course) and will finish it after work.

Maiden voyage is tonight. This bike is sweet... I love new bike days. Thanks Nate/Monkey Wrench and Joe Kona.


Anonymous said...

Told ya that thing was orange!


Anonymous said...

Pretty sweet ride. Does it have a carbon rear?

Good Luck
Jay Thomas

mg said...

you should have seen the looks that bike got this morning when i walked into my office with it... it practically glows in the dark!

thanks cory. it rides super sweet. i took it through wilderness park last night, and am happy to report that the handling is awesome. kona's 'cross geometry is just dialed...

hey jay -- the frame is actually full aluminum. kona has just been running black rear-ends on the jake series for a couple of seasons now. imagine how bright that bike would be in full-orange!!

happy friday, y'all!


Greasy Knuckles said...

we have three other ones at the shop, and i can't look at them they are so bright.

seriously, day fricking glow consrution worker orange.

too much.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the bike of a State Cross Champion. You boys are going to have a fast season.

2nd Best Cross Fan
Jay Thomas

Greasy Knuckles said...

don't include me in the "fast" statement, i have sore legs just from watching the state road race from my couch at BO. i'm the slowest SS on a cross bike for sure. but at least i can count on being the slowest, so that's something.

slow as they come.