Thursday, September 08, 2005

New Bike Thursday???

Nate told me to not get my hopes up, but dangit, I can't help but be just about giddy in the anticipation of our new Kona 'cross bikes arriving, hopefully today. If they come today, I guess I may be building a bike tonight instead of riding... Or maybe building then riding.

Cory at Kona told me to expect a bike that is "oragner than orange," so I brought my sunglasses to shield my eyes. That'll take some getting used to...

... so is orange the "new pink"??? I heard a while ago that "pink is the new black," but apparently pink has gone the way of the Edsel. Is orange the in color now? Boy I hope so. I'd sure hate to not be fashionable while I'm running through mud and snow in a race, or even just riding around town.... ha!

Have a super Thursday!

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