Wednesday, August 24, 2005

It's lookin' like Fall at the park!

Ripped through Wilderness last night with EP. When we got to the section of trail right after the first bridge, EP pointed out that, not only were there leaves on the trail, but that the leaves on the trees were starting to change to a beautiful yellow. It was awesome...

We (almost literally) rain into Charlie (that's Officer to you) Marti out there too... Everyone ended up okay, but Charlie hit the deck pretty hard avoiding a head-on. The moral of this story? Run a bell and give it a little ding-ding when you're coming up on corners you can't see all the way around. If you hate bells, just give a little shout -- an ounce of prevention could have saved a wipeout yesterday, and as two of my former helmets will attest, it's more than just EP, Charlie and I that are coming up on eachother fast out there. .. Let's be careful out there.

Speaking of safety at Wilderness -- I know lots of people have been discussing it in private circles, but who else is interested in proposing (to Parks & Rec) the creation of a loop at Wilderness by building a new "return route" for bikes this fall/winter? I'm thinking that we could easily make a case that it's a need from a safety standpoint. Just a thought.

Gotta go... Meetings await.



3p0 said...

I'm down with the work,

but I'm avoiding talking to anyone with any responsibility,

I have foot in mouth syndrome, and get too fired up about it.

mg said...

yeah dude... misery loves company, and it seems we're both dug-into the trenches this week!

keep yer head up kid!

len said...

Return loop? I thought the hiker side was the return loop. At least that's the side I always returned on.

Man fall in Wilderness. That is the shit. Winter in Wilderness takes a close second. With temps pushing 100 I am hoping I can wear a full sleeve jersey by January. Hopefully I'll be back in town and can find a bike to ride Wilderness this fall. Girsib, you don't have any extra bikes, do you?

htop said...

good advice on the 2 way traffic. i almost had a head on crash out there a couple of weeks ago. other person had head down and was flying, i literally had to scream at him to get him to slow down. i would be willing to help with some trail stuff, i use the trail alot during the fall and winter. damn, all these blogs and not enough time to visit them all.

Wolfman said...

i say we go to using air horns and kick the speeds up a notch!