Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Cyclocross season is just around the corner...

... and I for one, am STOKED. I recently found out that I'm going to be teaming up with the indomitable Darin Schlake and Jesse "The Body" Petersen, who's having the season of his life so far, for the CX season this year. How lucky am I? Well, I guess if I was worried about being the fastest guy on the team, I'd probably feel not too lucky, but as it is, I'm super stoked that I'll be able to (hopefully) play a part in helping the two of them dominate our 'cross series.

I'm even taking a page from the Schlake/Chapman CX training files this year (though the specific methods I'm employing are a highly-guarded secret), so look for the Monkey Wrench/KONA destroyers rippin' it up this Fall! Yep, that's right -- Schlake and The Body are gonna' be on Kona's kick-ass cyclocross bikes too. WATCH OUT!


3p0 said...

allright, dvd downloads, sswwweeeeeeeeet.

uh, yeah,

oh snap. I was wondering when this cat was gonna be let outa the bag....

gonna be some compotition this year.....

mg said...

yeah, we'll just delete the movie downloads dealie, but there won't be any denying the MONKEY WRENCH WRECKING CREW!!!

You're part of the crew too... You're racing 'cross this year, right 3p0? Hope so.


3p0 said...

oh no, maybe next year. after some upgrades to the new bike, new front disk wheel, and a new fork,

I'll stick to my normal shinanigans of viewing cross this year. team support.

mg said...

i love it when you do "team support." that means steep hills are easier to ride up!

right on,

Anonymous said...

I thought Schlake was riding for LBC/Highgear???? Classy

Mr. Bike Shop Owner

tony said...

Well, I guess I'll have to bring up the Kansas City "Wrecking Crew" to see who can do the most damage.
Can't wait, the smell of cross is in the air.

3p0 said...

I remember last year getting in tony's way. I pissed him off so bad. I don't think I'll be doing any pushing this year. Just lots of yellin, fluid support, " a little more cowbell"

and when it get cold, some fire pit and grillin action.

for everyone..

gonna be some heated battles this year. I'll bet the crazy training has begun behind the lbc rocket...

sda said...

Cyclocross!!! Cyclocross !!! Cyclocross!!!


Not so rotten said...

Even I've got a little itch to do some cross racin'. I really want to ride the IF, but my futuristic bars are too wide per regulations. Lefler wouldn't sweat me about bar width and disk brakes would he?

mg said...
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Anonymous said...
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John Jr. said...

I hope you are racing 'cross JT. We need you out for sweating rules and regulations. Yeah, I would. Rules are rules, homie. I am sure you will figure something out...

mg said...
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mg said...

i don't mean to come off as a jerk jay, but to call darin anything less than a class act is simply not true.

you didn't have a contract with darin, and he owed/owes you no favors, especially considering how this season has played out for him. that's all i'm sayin'.


Anonymous said...

A simple phone call would be nice seems like a basic request.

I will leave the dirt where is belongs.

Enough said.

It will be a great season for your team Im sure.

Jay Thomas

sda said...

now don't you guys go making up dammit. i am counting on some lincoln rivalries to dominate everyones attention whilst i slip off the front for the victory ... er wait, what am i talking about? ummmm yeah. nevermind.

i'll get those TPS reports to you guys pronto.


mg said...

daverill -- you're too funny... you gonna' be coming back to do battle? i sure hope so! if you ride anything like you did the last time we rode together, we flatlanders will have trouble keeping up!


Greasy Knuckles said...

i don't know about you fast guys, but i've got my favorite tree all picked out ahead of time for when i need to puke.

yup, that's just gross.

htop said...

watch out for the faceless man(the computer screen), i've witnessed it tear many a good group apart.

htop said...

sponsored by nerd ropes....i've witnessed the secret food.

Anonymous said...

No worries on my side. The Faceless Man will no render me weak. Just though this blog stuff was getting boring again and thought we might try to break the record. I think we set a record for Mr. Gersib's dirtblog 21 post WOW.

And Matt where and the hell did you get that picture. Glamour Shots. I need to get me one of those.

Mr. Bike Shop Owner

Just remember a Wise Women once told me that their is always to sides to a story.

John Jr. said...

No doubt. That photo looks like a pub shot for an "alternative lifestyle" site.

It is nice to read that the blood is pumping and folks are ready to do battle this 'cross season!

Anonymous said...

There's "to sides" to a story?? Does that mean we're going "to" the story? Strange...

There probably are "Two" sides to this story, though, and they're playing out on this site.
good times!

Anonymous said...

This blog is not the place.

Mr. Bike Shop Owner

mg said...

you guys are hilarious. i think this makes 25 replies -- a new record for my blog, i know.

the picture was actually done professionally -- by my employer. i just like the shot. i won't use it forever, but it conveniently coincides with the facial hair getup i'm currently sportin'.

i'm just lookin' forward to a kick ass 'cross season... and it's obvious that i'm not the only one. heck, i don't care if i win or finish last... i just want to have fun racing bikes with you all. i've been on the sidelines of the 'cross scene for a few seasons now, and am stoked that i finally have the motivation (and healthy enough ankles) to give it a go again.

htop -- where do you get off giving out my secrets?!! how dare you!!!

Anonymous said...

I will assuming Gersibs role on the sidelines this season, but not for ankle purposes just to busy to get any top end fitness.

Mr. Bike Shop Owner

I stll like the photo

Greasy Knuckles said...


you don't need high end fitness, to do well in the a's maybe, but just look at my sorry ass fitness, still fun in the SS class with a fat smile on my face dead last like usual.

i'm stoked to to hang with everybody at the cross races, maybe, just maybe somebody besides Savory will come down or out from Omaha.

fun season.

Anonymous said...

It's a time and pride issue. I will have time finally for a fulltime assault in 07.

Mr. Bike Shop Owner

sda said...

ahh, the peaceful calm after the storm. glad to see everyone is all lovey dovey. oh gawd. you know, the last few years has found it harder and harder for me to take any of this whole sponsership/racing/results/blah blah/shop rivalry crap very seriously. and i promise you thats not just a bitter, outtashape, slow, daverill talking. it is however, a more wise (i hope), more experienced (as in life experience, all the highs and lows have their impact) daverill speaking. yeah, i was pretty wrapped up in all that for most of my adult life, but did my best to avoid it. there comes a point when you realise racing and all that ain't your bread and butter, and for you potential sponsers, your local team ain't gonna effect your amount of bread and butter all that much. yeah, getting slighted or disrespected sucks, but it happens, and it happens in all facets of life, not just this gig. in fact your getting screwed/disrespected/hosed on a large level by GW and his thugs everyday ... its just not as obvious. you know as well as i do that at this level its the personalites of the people that you sponser rather than the results they get that bring people to your stores. its always been that way. so, while this thread seems to have taken a turn for the better, i still get the feeling that there is some blood left to be spilled on the 'cross courses this year. just remember its all about fun in the end. sometimes it helps, for me at least, to draw on this hemingway quote from "The Sun Also Rises" when i get all cross-eyed with angst:

"The bicycle riders drank much wine, and were burned and browned by the sun. They did not take the race seriously except among themselves."

so yeah, drink, get sunburned, get as serious as you want to about it, but remember, we're the only ones taking it all that seriously. bring it, and leave it, on the course.


Get those TPS reports yet?

John Jr. said...

Answers about handlebars and disc brakes for 'cross...

There are presently no specific cyclocross equipment rules so the regular
bicycle rules apply to USCF sanctioned cyclocross races.
Section 1J, page 26.
"1j(a) bicycles may be no more than ...75 cm wide."

75 cm=30 inches. That would be a pretty wide handle bar! Most road bars
are 40 to 44 cm wide. Can't say I've seen mtb bars that wide either. Only
some really wide cruiser bars would exceed that.

"1j(d) The handlebar ends shall be solidly plugged and attachments thereto
shall be fashioned in such a way as to minimize danger without impairing
steering. Handlebars used for steering with ends, features, or attachments
that extend forward or upward or that provide support for other than the
rider's hands are permitted only in time trial and pursuit events (not in
Team Sprint); however, attachments that point upward on the brakehoods of
road bicycles are allowed if the distance between them is greater than 25
cm (9.8 inches)."

So mtb straight bars are allowed. No aero bars. Nothing that is for
resting your forearms or elbows or chin. Ends must be plugged.
What about mtb style bar ends? Are they a danger? Generally not but I
guess it depends on the particular bar ends and how they are
installed. Are they going to poke your eye out? Or take a divot out of
your thigh? Wind up under your ribs in a pileup? I've see some on Ragbrai
pointing right at the knee caps. I've tried putting them 6" apart. That
certainly impairs steering. The final call comes down to the chief referee
at each race. It's his call on what is dangerous.

And a USAC ruling regarding disk brakes on cx bikes:
Disk brakes are not allowed in UCI events other than mountain bike events.
While last year this was an interpretation of the UCI given that disk
brakes had never been approved for any races, this year it has been clearly
written into the UCI rules that disk brakes are not allowed. Thus, if you
are riding cyclocross, you may use disk brakes only if the race is USCF
only. For any event on the UCI calendar, if you are in the Elite Men, Elite
Women, U23 Men, or Junior Men, and these races were put on the calendar,
then you cannot use disk brakes. If the organizer has also included masters
events or events for category 3 riders, or juniors below 17 years old, then
disk brakes will be allowed.

Greasy Knuckles said...

whatever, racing makes us millions, has for ever, ract teams are the best use of my money...

er wait.


MOD said...

All this talk is cheap if you ask me. It's weak Schlake didn't say anything to me, kent or jay. I felt it was my duty to do what I could post Scheels. Highgear gave him a got stolen. Sorry MG but did you have an extra 5G laying around to buy him a new one? I didn't. That's what insurance is for. I tried to order him a new GF but he hadn't gotten an insurance check yet. Hence Schlake riding chapmans c'dale for 3 months (his own doing so don't come with that bullshit!) Where was MWC in January?

It is a lack of class. This is the second time I feel burned by Darin. First SNORT to KAOS now LBC/Highgear to MWC. Kinda makes you dislike racing and teams when you get burned. NICE!

I still love you guys, I'm just annoyed...very.

John Jr. said...

I am calling for the official "squash" of this issue...both sides have made their points...keep training and get ready for a SWEET 'cross series!

mg said...

mod -- i'm not going to fight with you, but i will say that i did speak with schlake in november of 2004 about riding for monkey wrench, but he (at that time) said that he wanted to stick with you guys.

for the rest of it, you and i will need to discuss either in person or on the phone. we've probably pointed way more fingers than are necessary by now.

RF said...

MG-- A transcript of that conversation could keep the hits coming to your blog, you publicity whore. Are you discovering the kind of unresolvable bickering that has made "Crossfire" such a popular show? How does it feel to be the Jerry Springer of NE cycling blogs?

Hopefully cx will be muddy enough that you won't be able to tell what jersey a guy's wearin anyway.

I love you guys. You guys crack me up.

htop said...

i wont care what color of jersey's any of you will be wearing when you run up hooligan hill. can you say lead pipe and a whack on the knee cap?. oh, and i got the perfect soundtrack to keep you motivated. hooligans must unite!!.

MOD said...

YOU FOOLS! Don't make me come down for 'cross throw down dance off in wilderness. I still have those corners memorized!!!!!!!!!!

htop said...

look out for the duck

Anonymous said...


To start with I didn't expect the news to be busted out quite yet. Obviously Gersib hasn't realized my lack of class yet. No harm done though.

I must say it's been a rough year of racing. Since the stolen bike fiasco I've just been going through the motions. No real desire to race. Enter Nut-- Just dealing with him and catching some of his positive energy at the races has really psyched me up as far as racing goes.

A couple of weeks ago he offered me a spot riding cross for KONA with JP and Gersib. How could I refuse? Racing for Woodman and his rad shop with a couple of great guys. Not that I'm expecting much in the line of results. I've been riding too little and eating way too much cake. I'll be happy with a couple of top fives. If I make the podium I'll do cartwheels.

Not to metion racing on the same team as Thomas. I really like the guy but it's kind of like Seinfield racing with Newman. Just not right. I'm Newman in the above analogy by the way, very weak and no class.

So it looks like I won't be riding the gold bomber at the x races anymore. She's going to pasture just like I should be doing.

your bikin quar buddy,


Greasy Knuckles said...


i haven't said anything this whole time, but nobody speaks for my shop but myself.

So here it is:

i thought darin might like a new cross bike for cross season seeing how he's ridden old goldylocks for 5 years, so I asked him if he'd like one and he said yes. having a der that hit more than 3 of the 9 gears in the back must have been appealing.

that's really about it.

Sorry that people think that this is such a bad thing, I thought I was just trying to be nice. As for Darin telling you he was riding a bike from me, well, that's really up to him.

when it all comes down to it, we are all friends, none of us (especially me) are ever going to be pro, and after having a fun Cross race we will all stand around smiling about how it hurt and which corner was fun to rail, and like usuall,

beers are on me.

your pal

Anonymous said...

Enough said. I think everybody understands.

Mr. Bike Shop Owner

roxz said...

... and so we close out this saga of "As the Wheel Turns". Stay tuned to the next episode when Nate asks, "Less filling? Or tastes great?"

Anonymous said...

damn, that's a shame. That random finger-pointing sure was fun!

Greasy Knuckles said...

hey rox,


always go with Tastes Great,

except when getting fatter like me,

then substitute for

Less Filling.

all the knowledge i have.

your pal

-rod said...

schlakes mom once told him he smelled like a horse.

roxz said...

a horse's back end, right?
kidding everyone. Just kidding.

hey, let's just keep commenting to this post and see if we can get to 100!

Nate, if you're fat then then that makes MG, well... you know...

mg said...


mg said...

oh, and i agree with nate: tastes great always wins. don't let anyone fool you into believing any different.

3p0 said...

uh guys, it's good to see ya all taliking and bloggin,

bummed to see some buds of mine doing a little bickering, but cats get let out of bags,

and some people don't wanta hurt other peoples fealings,

and shit goes to fast now adays...

comunticatioin can be flowing one way, and you get the back lash the other way.

but it's good we can all chat away and raz each other a bit, and still show up for rides and borrow water from each other when we're way out there...

and this cross season. stop by old 3p0,
beers will be on him...

nice descusion.
thanks for the heads up Allen,
and nice show Thursday night.

good to see nothing this political gets brought up when your dealing with the slow guys, like me...

uh, nate, designate a tree to puke on so I can do the same damage in the same place.