Tuesday, December 04, 2012

For Sale: 58cm Salsa Vaya Frame/Fork -- SOLD...

To prepare for new 2013 bikes to-come, I've decided to part with a couple of my favorite framesets. First up is my 2010 Salsa Vaya -- a 58cm frame, with matching fork. I have been the only owner, and if you know me, you probably also know this bike. It is in very good condition, overall for a three year old frame. Here are some images that I took this morning:
The view from the drive side... Note: the King headset shown is not included. I am only selling the frame and fork.

The non-drive side view. Note the custom PCL downtube sticker. That goes with the frame at no charge. ;-)

Overall paint quality is good throughout the frame, with just a few small nicks, consistent with a nicely kept three year-old frame.

I used thick adhesive-backed Mylar material to protect the frame on a number of paint areas that were subjected to wear, such as this bridge that often had a plastic and metal SKS fender clipped over it.

Post-mount disc brakes front and rear are easy to set up and are designed for 160mm disc rotors. These are far better than the (cheaper to manufacture) "International Standard" mounts Salsa uses on the current Vaya. Ask an engineer...

Three water bottle mounts allow you to choose whether you carry your water on the bike, or on your body, even on adventure-length rides.
This frameset has been sold. Thank you for looking!!
Please note: I am selling just the frame and fork. The pictured headset, stem and seatpost are not included, nor are they negotiable to be included. Thanks again!

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jvillebiker said...

MG Very interested in the vaya frame. It would go good with my PCL jersey. I need to send you a few bucks for postage. Pete