Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hey MG, Where Ya Been???

It's been a wild past month... Where to start?  On the last week of July, I both lost my grandpa and my employment, the latter of which turned out to be a blessing, as I was able to spend my grandpa's final days at his side. And I had my eyes open for a new job already, so this just gave me the time (and urgency) to ramp that effort up.
Racing to a class win at the Cornhusker State Games the day before my grandpa passed away. Photo: Kyle Hansen
To this point in my life, I've been fortunate to have had very little experience with the death of relatives close to me, but the passing of my grandpa Gersib put me face-to-face with the death of one of the people I love and respect most... Someone I've always looked up to. So even though in many ways I was relieved for grandpa when he passed, I still have tears in my eyes as I type these words. Because I still miss my grandpa. He taught me a lot of good lessons about faith, loyalty, the value of hard work, how to be a detail-oriented person, and how to have fun. I was fortunate to get more than 38 years with him, and I know that.
Racing to a hard-fought third place finish at the Psycowpath race at Swanson two weeks ago after flatting out of the lead on the first lap. Without CO2 quick-fill cartridges, I was forced to use a hand pump, which slowed my flat repair.  The reality was Lucas Marshall & Eric Brunt were riding super fast, but the result was enough to move into the Marathon series points lead with one event remaining. Photo: Kyle Hansen

The Gravel Worlds rider meeting... For the second time this season, I had a rear derailleur snap off due to mud in the drivetrain, which (unlike at the Dirty Kanza 200) caused me to DNF at around mile 50. Photo: Cornbread

So now I'm busy looking at my options for the future, and I'm looking at a lot of options. In a perfect world, I'd put something together with one (or more) of the bicycle-related companies I've already got a relationship with... But there are a lot of more local things happening as well, so we'll see what pans out. I feel thankful for the friends I have who have stepped up and made contacts for me and reached out to me with opportunities they know about. If you know of a good opportunity for an experienced marketing and public relations professional, please get a hold of me through the comments below.
Hangin' with Rafal at the second oasis, 10 miles from the finish of Gravel Worlds. Thanks to Kristi Mohn, I had already been back to my house and changed out of my lycra, so I was in full spectator mode by this point. Thanks to Schmitty and his family for the awesome accommodations at the second oasis! Photo: Anita Gammel

In the end, I'm confident all this has happened for a reason, and that whatever comes in the 'next evolution' for Laura and I will be as it's supposed to be for us. I just have to trust the process and make the moves that feel like the best ones for myself and my family. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers.


Guitar Ted said...


Thanks for this post. Your openness is refreshing, and you know I appreciate you a bunch.

I will definitely be keeping vigil for you and Laura in my prayers and thoughts in the coming days. Hopefully it won't take all that long, ya know?

Take care!

MG said...

Thanks buddy,

I appreciate your friendship and that you've consistently supported me when I needed it.

Thanks again, my Brother.

mw said...

always moving forward...

Jim C said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you, brother. Keep the faith!!!

MG said...

Thanks guys. I appreciate it.