Monday, February 21, 2011

The VelEau Installed on the LaCruz

VelEau, originally uploaded by MGersib.

With the coming of longer gravel grinders, I'm testing a new option that will give me extra capacity without forcing me to resort to carrying a pack. This is the VelEau. Lincoln-native, now Oregon-based speedster, Trevor Norland hooked me up with the product's inventor. I'll have a full report coming soon, but you can learn more now at


Fonk said...

That's pretty cool!

MG said...

Yeah, it works well. The hose is mounted on spools with magnets, so it stays in place really well when you aren't drinking. It's a product you'll no doubt see more of, because it's got a ton of promise for gravel grinders, or mountain bikes that only have one bottle cage.

That said, I have a couple of reservations about using the current generation for really aggressive mountain bike riding, for somewhat obvious reasons. It'd be pretty tough to get off the back of the saddle, which is my primary concern. I'm going to fire off an idea I have to the designer and see if it might offer a solution that'll make it work better (for me) on a mountain bike. But as-is, I'll take it for gravel grinding, 100%. Sign me up!

And I suspect a lot of folks will run it on their mountain bikes too. Heck, here in Nebraska you never have to get behind your saddle anyway! HA!!