Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lincoln CX -- Riding around anonymously in the pack...

MG preparing to descend Hooligan Hill on Sunday. Photo: Cornbread

With the conclusion of the Lincoln Cyclocross weekend this past weekend, my racing season in Nebraska is finished for 2009... It went out with more of a pffffft than a Bang!, but I guess that is what it is... It's over nonetheless. Now I've just got Jingle Cross over in Iowa City this weekend, and then I'll be done.
Cat 3 State Champion, Jesse Petersen (Monkey Wrench). Photo: Michael Dixon

I have to say that I'm a bit surprised at how I feel about things right now too... For as much as I wanted to race before the weekend last weekend, I didn't find myself all that inspired once we got down to the racing itself. Saturday was OK... I ended up finishing 10th without feeling like I over-extended myself at any point in the race, so I was feeling like I'd set myself up well for a strong race Sunday. Unfortunately, a crash trying to pass James Blake on the first lap Sunday twisted up my bars and sent me back to my car to fix them, putting me in last place, 3/4-lap down by the time I pulled back onto the course, just one lap into the race. I spent the rest of the race as a lapper, simply racing to not get lapped by the entire field. It was depressing and embarrassing, but I figured it'd be more embarrassing for me to drop out unceremoniously, so I stuck in it and rode slow, painful laps around the course.

My sincere thanks goes out to everyone who cheered for me around the course, despite the fact that I was clearly off the pace Sunday. I'm sorry I wasn't able to race better for everybody who came out, especially my beautiful wife Laura.
MG racing on Sunday. Photo: Michael Dixon

I'd also like to thank the companies who have supported me so well during the 2009 season, including Salsa Cycles, Oakley and Monkey Wrench Cycles of Lincoln. I feel extremely fortunate to ride exactly the bicycles I want to ride, and be able to wear the absolute best eyewear and apparel available anywhere from Oakley's amazing line, and the service I get from the guys down at Monkey Wrench Cycles ties it all together. It's an awesome setup and there are a few folks that deserve special thanks: Jason Boucher at Salsa, Rob Versteegth at Oakley, and Nate Woodman, Eric Peterson and Mark Janike at Monkey Wrench Cycles. Thank you all for your support, and for allowing me to promote your business through my riding and racing! I look forward to an even bigger and better 2010 season!

Thanks again,


Steve Fuller said...

You had a long season with a lot of success this year Matt. Don't let one event get to ya. Looking forward to seeing you on the way back to NE this weekend. I'll have a beverage waiting for ya. :)

paxtoncoyote said...

MG you rode well despite your Sunday problems, it was great to be there & watch Lane & the rest of you guys tear it up & Hooligan Hill speaks for itself, great to see cvo back in town promoting the scene.

I hope to make it an annual trip as Lane is stoked on cyclocross, wonder if a race out here would go over? Anyway, good luck in Iowa & check out my most recent post & the shot of you going over the hurdle, PURE GRACE!

MG said...

Thanks guys... I really appreciate both of your comments. I'm totally fine with how things went down in the big picture, but I'll admit to expecting a bit more from myself, after building a set of wheels for the weekend and feeling pretty good coming in. So it's one of those things that you just have to chalk up to "that's racing" and just move on.

Steve, I'm really looking forward to getting you your frame and fenders. I can either stop on the way out Friday, or on the way back Sunday... I'll let you decide. ;-) I'm not racing Friday, so I have a little bit of time flexibility.

Matt, it's super cool that you and Lane were able to come down, and that Patty hooked Lane up with a bike to race for the weekend! That was excellent, and Lane made the most of it, with a win and a second place finish to show for it... Finishing second to Noah Burke is no shame either. Noah is a very strong and accomplished cyclist and runner, despite his young age, and the fact that Lane was right up there says a lot. He has a bright future if he sticks with it. Keep it fun (and I know you know how to do that), but get him in with strong mentors in the disciplines of cycling that he wants to excel in, and he can take it wherever he wants to go. Cycling is a beautiful sport, in that when you put in the work, the results will come. There is a certain element of 'killer instinct' involved I believe, but to a large extent, even those without a huge killer instinct can have relatively large success in cycling if they simply work hard and become a student of the sport... but I digress.

I can see that he loves it though... because I know you do too.

Thanks again guys. Happy Thanksgiving. I'm thankful you're both my friends.


mw said...

props for heading back to the event. that's a drag. i remember 3 flats on one lap at landahl, had to run it on foot back to the car. that killed my day but i had to finish.