Thursday, July 30, 2009

Memories From My Trip Up North...

I traveled north to Minneapolis for a long weekend this past week to spend some time with my good buddy Gnat and big time big wheel blogger, Guitar Ted and an otherwise rotating cast of characters. Over the course of four days, we hit some incredible trails in Minnesota and Wisconsin, many of which I'd never ridden before, and I met a bunch of super talented riders that I'm now fortunate to be able to call friends.

For your entertainment, here are a few selected images to tell the tale of the journey:

Captain Bob shows off his massive cheese and sausage biscuit, procured from the local Speedee Mart during Friday's Fargo adventure. Power food to the max! And healthy too...

The tree frogs came out to hang with us in-camp at Lebanon Hills. This little guy actually lived in the piping of the picnic table.

TransIowa v.5 champ, recent Tour Divide finisher and Salsa Cycles engineer, Joe Meiser came out to ride with us. I got a fast lap of the Lebanon Hills singletrack in with him on my Big Mama on Thursday night, then got about half of Friday's ride in with him before he broke off to head into work. What a stud...

Big group rollin'... Friday's ride was a big Fargonaut loop around Minneapolis. We got almost 60 miles of combined pavement and dirt in, all told, linking all of the city's singletrack via urban bike paths. Long story short, it was AWESOME! We had a killer ride, but we didn't kill anyone. Perfect...

Mudlegs... The Minneapolis river bottom trails not only left a gritty, sandy coating on my legs, it wasted the Avid disc brake pads on my Fargo. Time for new pads!!

Three Amigos... Gnat, Guitar Ted, Captain Bob. Thanks for the great memories.

Here's Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve, a one-way singletrack multi-user trail in the Minneapolis metro area. It's an example of what Lincoln's Wilderness Park could be some day... Some day in the future.

See Lincoln Parks and Rec -- One-way, directional trails can work... and work well! Here's proof.

It's Log. It's Log. It's big, it's heavy, it's wood. It's Log. It's Log. It's better than bad, it's GOOD!
One of the superbly-built stunts in Murphy. The teeter is about to totter....

It's just another Fargo Friday...

Ripping the CAMBA Trails, from Gnat's perspective. I'm the third rider from the front. It was an incredible day, as you can clearly see from this photo... the best day of riding yet this year.

After Gnat led us into the Namekagon Town Hall at blazing speed. He was absolutely flying!!!

This is good livin'... It was my first time to the Chequamegon Forest, but I'm pretty sure it won't be my last.

Thanks to all of my hosts over the weekend for the hospitality and awesome time. I look forward to the next time -- when we can actually have Kevin riding with us!!


Rob said...

Yeah! Great memories for sure. Glad I could meet you. Thanks for the good time.

It's been quite a while since I rode with someone that has as much technical skill as you. Sweet!

Guitar Ted said...

MG- You know I love ya like a brother, but when I read the Ren and Stimpy reference in the post today, I was convinced we must be related somehow. Awesome!

Thanks for that and the great times we had last weekend. Here's to more in the future!

MG said...

Thanks guys. I knew you'd both appreciate the Log reference too. I think we might've even had a sing-a-long of that little jingle at some point during the ride... Things got a little hazy as we got more and more thrashed from the awesome miles.

Rob, you and Mark were rippin' it up big time too. It was awesome to see and that conversation we had about how better riding translates into better product testing is so apparent... Look at the evolution that's taken place in a certain writer we know (a musically inclined one... hint, hint. ;-).

Anyway, that was a fabulous trip, agreed... I can't wait for our next edition. You guys are super fun to ride with.

Happy happy, joy joy.... It's Friday! Have a great weekend!

MG said...

By the way, Rob, thank you for the very nice compliment. You're a pretty awesome technical rider yourself!

Thanks again, my friend. Have a great weekend.