Sunday, June 14, 2009


Earlier today I got an email while we were at the Saltdogs game... it was from the THOR 'I Power' trail work forum. Since I'm the 'trail leader' at Wilderness, I get the trail work reports when someone logs one through the THOR Website. Well, today someone sent one in through the site. It was somewhat humorous and I thought I'd share it...

Here's the text:
We received a report regarding

Where work is needed
Safety Issue
Matt Grisub needs to slow down, stop the ride-by lop-and-drop.
Considering they couldn't even spell my last name right, obviously it wasn't someone that knows me well. Furthermore, I wasn't even in Wilderness Park today... I rode the Mopac.

But if they're speaking to the overall situation at Wilderness, and the fact that I'm actually one of perhaps three people maintaining the corners on the bike trail, so that there's a line of sight in them, I'm not going to apologize for that. If somebody else wants to take up the mantle and do some trail work out there, please do so. I invite the assistance.

And if you've got an ax to grind with me, my phone number is 402-314-2150. If you're too much of a coward to leave your name in an email, or a real email address to respond to (yes, I did try to send an email to the email address provided -- it didn't work), I don't really have anything further to say about this.

And spell my name right next time please.

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