Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Return of allergy season... and a new WTB drop bar on the Fargo.

The Fargo got a new handlebar last night. I traded the Salsa Bell Lap handlebar I'd been running to try a new generation WTB Dirt Drop. Hopefully the increased flare of the ends will alleviate the occasional issues I had with the Bell Lap's ends hitting my knees in corners on singletrack. We'll see...
One thing I've already noticed is that the drop section of the WTB bar is shorter than the drop section of the Bell Lap, making for fewer effective/available hand positions with the WTB. We'll see if that turns out to be a negative issue over time.

Wow... With the wind, rain and warmer temps, it's clear that allergy season is back in full-force for me at least. I hope all of you are weathering the pollen count better than I am... but regardless, welcome to Spring!!

In other news, Bike Pedalers new south location is now open at 1631 Pine Lake Road. I got a message from co-owner Sean Craig earlier this morning announcing today's grand opening. Check it out when you get a chance. When I crawl out of my allergy-induced haze, I'll definitely be rollin' by to see the new digs. The photos I've seen sure look cool.

BTW, sorry for the phone pics but my camera battery was dead when I went to snap pics with it this morning... and of course my charger is somewhere not to be found. So this was the best that I could do quickly.


EB said...

Hot... Pedal With Omaha this Weekend.

Or Sometime Soon.Fargo looks Great My Friend hope she does her duty come May 2-3.

Joshua Stamper said...

How do you like the ardent up front? I ordered one with my new wheels, and have yet to try it out since I broke my frame. Gonna have to scrape something together for Ouachita next weekend. Cheers

MG said...

Thanks to you both for your thoughts!

EB, I'll give ya' a shout and see what you've got shakin' for the weekend. I actually don't have much planned at this point other than hoping to get some long trail time in one day and long gravel miles in the other. that's my M.O. pretty much every non-race weekend as we're rampin' up to T.I.

Joshua, The Ardent is a great tire, especially tubeless with the pressure at between 25-27psi (on my Bontrager floor pump). For my riding style, at my weight (about 152 plus gear), it gives me a great cornering edge, good volume (it stretches out a bit running tubeless), decent weight (about 750g), relatively fast rolling for its size/volume and generally great traction in all conditions. I consider it a much more predictable, consistent and hard-cornering front tire in loose-over-hard conditions, for example, than a 2.55 WTB Weirwolf LT, yet it's lighter and rolls just as fast. Yet it also excels in loamy conditions and hardpack. It even rolls gravel pretty well and I've been running the tire in the pictures on various bikes since last summer (including a couple of solo 24s and two trips to Colorado), so it's durable too.

Good luck at Ouachita! You'll rock it bro. Just like you always do...

Thanks again to you both.


redstone said...

Sweet man, I likey the dirt drops. I looked at some photos of the Fargo with the Bell Laps. Looks like you had the ends pointed up kinda. Ever thought about cutting an inch or so off the ends of the Bell Laps?

What's the deal with new shops in Lincoln. Did I read somewhere about Cycle Works and a new location or was that the Tooth or do I just not know what the hell I'm talking about :)

MG said...

Yo Davey, I was running the Bell Laps rotated quite a ways back, and that was actually how I preferred them. I know this is paradoxical, but I liked the extended portion on the rear, so I didn't really want to cut anything off. If anything, I just wanted to flare it out more. That's what I like about the WTB -- it's flared more. It lays the controls out to the side more so that shifting and braking are more natural off-road -- more like you'd do it on a "normal" mountain bike. You don't have to cock your wrists as much or reach unnaturally. That's good, IMHO. There's a trade-off on gravel roads, of course. There, I suspect time will bear the Bell Lap to be superior to the WTB in terms of comfort due to number of hand positions and the versatility that promotes. The thinner walls of the 7000 series Bell Lap bar is also noticeably more flexible and absorbent over bumps. Now that I've drilled the WTB ends out and can run my Bontrager vibration dampers in it, the WTB should ride a little smoother, but I suspect the Salsa will always be a little more refined in the ride department.

On the shop front, there is definitely an explosion of retailers in Lincoln. Cycle Works is indeed opening up a south location in partnership with its south Moose's Tooth location. I think that's a great move, considering there's not another bike shop within three miles of their location, and it's right next to Holmes Lake. Considering the demographic makeup of the market out there, I think it's a great move.

Hope to see you soon, Dave. Thanks for your note.


CJ said...

Beautiful bike!

I have not weighed 152lbs since 8th grade. I weighed 165 when I graduated from basic training 1995!

Hope to see you on the PCL Tour of Dirt Roads

Carp said...

I ran a WTB dirt drop on a few bikes and could never really get it to work for me. It was probably because the frame/stem combo's weren't just right for the bar but ultimately having only one hand position was the killer. It was fine for SS cross but not for longer rides. I sold the bar on ebay along with the multimounts. (Kept the shifters).

MG said...

CJ, I'll see you in the AM Saturday.

Carp, I'm diggin, the WTB bar. I think there are definitely a few different camps of personal preference starting to shake out, but then I also haven't had the WTB out on a 200 mile ride yet. I'll have it out on a long one tomorrow, so we'll see. With the levers run as low as I've got 'em, you should see how I can run my hands on the flats and climbs. It's pretty crazy... You'll have to check it out sometime.