Saturday, February 21, 2009

The CCC Gets Some Tasty Upgrades...

Light, tight and rides right. The Chili Con Crosso is a super smooth roller.

A rim brake with disc brake power. You don't believe me? C'mon over and take it for a spin...

Up to 10... The chainline is sweet, the bottom bracket stiff and man, it's FAST.

Rolling jewelry... The Phil Wood front hub compliments a Dura Ace rear hub with classic durability, though admittedly lighter options exist.

Shades of La Cruz up front... The bar/stem and controls from my La Cruz made their way over.

Building up the Fargo caused a bit of a juggling of parts in the 'ol MG bike room. Parts from both the Chili Con Crosso and the La Cruz ended up on the Fargo. Ultimately, the La Cruz is torn down to a frameset for a bit, so its drivetrain has found its way over to the CCC. I had the left/front shifter fry out on me on the first commute to work the other day, but fortunately I had a back-up set of 105 shift/brake levers that Kevin Murray gave me that he wasn't using (thanks again Kevin!), so I was able to use the left-side from that pair and since it's 5500-generation 105, it looks almost identical to the 5600-generation right-side lever. Nice...

Both tires are tubeless and the bike feels FAST. Smooth too. Bumps just disappear... It might be hard not to ride this in TransIowa after riding it around a couple of times. It's speed is addictive and there don't really seem to be any downsides. It isn't harsh at all. Amazing... I remember why I love this bike so much. I know Joe Meiser at Salsa just built himself a new Chili Con Crosso too, so I might not be alone in that thinking.


Joshua Stamper said...

What rims are you rolling tubeless and how have you set them up for tubeless? I had my salsa delgado x rim setup white trash tubeless last year for DK, but that wheel has since been relegated to mtb use. I have not been able to convert Open Pro's. I think that they are just too narrow.

MG said...

Hey Josh - The front rim is a Delgado Cross, which is a known quantity as a reliable tubeless setup for me in getto-tubeless mode, though my setup is a bit different than most people are using. Anyhoo, the rear rim is a DT RR1.1, which like an Open Pro, is definitely on the narrow side of ideal for a tubeless setup. I had to make some, ahem, special arrangements, to make it work. Such as, a layer of 1/2-inch wide 3M double-stick foam tape (the kind you'd use to hang a picture on a wall) laid down the bead well, covered by a layer of electrical tape. This creates a raised channel in the center with a recess for the tire bead to sit in. It makes tire installation challenging but possible with fingers or one tire lever (because the tape is made of foam and is malleable) and the channel it creates makes the tubeless setup totally reliable. Running with getto sealant (2 tsp Mold Builder w/3 oz windshield washer fluid), you can get 3-4 months of self-sealing action. The hardest part with the RR1.1s was getting the valve stem area to seal up as the tall rim section wanted to blow sealant all over the place, but eventually, even that sealed up. Use pliers to tighten the valve stem nut, because it'll need to be tighter than you'll get it by hand, and use straight Mold Builder on the shaft of the valve before you install it, and if possible let the valve dry in the rim overnight. That's the bees knees. Then you're set. Put the valve stem in after you've taped the rim up... last step before you install the tire. I just use valve stems I cut out of old tubes, but now I'm out of old tubes so I have to either buy tubes, buy valves or dumpster dive at Cycle Works after 7pm... ;-)


Cracked Headtube said...

So are your steeds getting new stems, throughout?

Hope all is well, I come across your posts on MTBR frequently...

-Jeremy, aka Tex

MG said...

Yo Tex,

I'm getting a couple of new stems, though most of my inventory falls outside the affected date, fortunately. I'd definitely recommend anyone with an affected stem get theirs taken care of though and Salsa will definitely take care of anyone with one of the recalled stems.

Thanks for asking, and for checkin' in.