Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Cell phone is down...

This was my New Year's Eve(ning) ride -- Happy New Year!

My Blackberry is dead!!! I went downstairs this morning to find that it hadn't taken a charge overnight. WTF?!! Darn that thing... It must be jealous of my new iPod Touch. Yeah, that's the ticket... Anyway, if you're trying to get a hold of me, call me at home -- 402-483-4992 or email me at mattgersib at gmail and you're in the bank. Hopefully it's just a battery that's going south or something, as opposed to needing to buy a whole new phone... Because I'm still a year away from being out of my contract (and into a new iPhone, which is where I'll clearly be headed).

Word... Hope your week is going better than that. At least it's nice outside! Now get out for a ride in it before it goes away!!! Hope to see you out there.



Guitar Ted said...

That's too bad about the Blackberry. Hope it's not beyond repair.

Seems like everyone wants an i-phone. Kinda like Ma Bell in the old days, only now it will be Ma AT&T!

Steve Fuller said...

Enjoy being freed from the leash while you can MG. I definitely appreciate the times that I can ignore my cell phone.

MG said...

LOL... Yeah, I hear ya' Steve. It has been kinda' nice.

And G-Ted, it's true I've got the itch for an iPhone, but sadly I've still got a year left on my Alltel contract, and with a year to go on AT&T's iPhone exclusive, it's a no-go on the iPhone for me right now.

That said, I did a bit of research last night into my little problem, and it seems like, for others who have had similar issues to mine, the common method of resolution has been replacement. The good news is that the warranty is better than I'd thought. It's a 1 year warranty, not the 90 day warranty I thought it had, so I am still in the warranty period!! Sweet!!!

Thanks for wishes guys.


len said...

what do you mean everyone wants an ipone, doesn't everyone already have one?

MG said...

Funny Len, I think just about everybody does! I was at a party last night where I really did feel like the odd man out... I wish they could make the iPhone as slim and sleek as my iPod Touch. That'd be super sweet!