Saturday, December 27, 2008

Party Tonight...

I hope everybody's holidays are going super. I wanted to let everybody know about a little party Laura and I are having tonight...

A bunch of transplanted Nebraskans now living in Colorado, including Dave and Mary Chase, Todd and Susie Sieler, Bryan and Zana Ganzel and of course Super Dave Averill are confirmed for tonight's shindig at Casa de Gersib. Won't you join us too? 521 S. 54th Street is the house address. It's just north of 54th and J, the third house north on 54th street on the west side of the street. Bike parking in the back (avoid any mud by going around the south side of the house). Bring your favorite beverage to consume and yourself to share. There will be lots of kids, so if you've got 'em, they'll fit in just fine. ;-) We'll be gettin' started around 7pm.

Hope to see you tonight. But first, Dave and I gotta' get a quick ride in... Got the call from MW earlier today and it sounds like Wilderness is now a sheet of ice. Looks like it'll be 'cross bikes and gravel for Dave and I... Thankfully I've got two 'cross bikes ready to go. He'll just have to spin pedals on when he gets here (with a pair of the sweet new Pearl Izumi winter shoes in my size... hmmm.).



jim craig said...

Sorry we missed it. Would've been fun to have seen the crew.Family obligations.
Riding today. Wilderness was good running yesterday but might be sloppy with the sun out now.
Happy New Year to all! Jim

cvo said...

Happy Holidaze guys

feliz anos...

MG said...

Thanks guys. Sorry you both missed last night. We had a great turnout and an awesome time. Thanks to everybody that came and shared in the celebration!

Happy New Year! Thanks again!