Friday, November 07, 2008

Just Last Sunday... What a Difference.

Yep, Platte River State Park was perfect last Sunday. It was 75 degrees and there was nothin' but sunshine. Fast forward five days and it's 38 degrees with a 25 mph north wind... Quite a change. Yeah, I know it's November, but it's still a slap in the face, regardless. That said, I'll still be riding this weekend... A little cold weather can't stop me from gettin' on the bike. I hope it won't stop you either.

Have a great weekend!!


GNAT said...

So true MG. We got 40 miles of gravel, pavement and dirt in on Wednesday and it's dumping snow right now!

Nice EM by the way. Looking so good. I think I need one of those Moots posts.

Jason said...

not cold nor snow nor wind, but definitely rain, should keep the intrepid cyclist from his appointed rounds

Guitar Ted said...

Well, a bit further south from Gnat here. I got in 4 hours worth of Fargo-ing in 34 degree temps and blowing snow/snow flurries. Fun times!

MG said...

Thanks guys. We ended up having a mixed bag for weather this weekend. It was cold and windy Saturday, but Sunday ended up being pretty darn nice. Don't worry, we rode both days... I didn't have a computer on either El Mariachi (I rode the red bike Sat, green SS Sunday), but I'd estimate we got three hours, wheels turning on Saturday, four on Sunday. We stayed in Wilderness park both days since it's so good in there right now... the best time of the year in the park, really.

Jason, that Moots post is a really nice addition. It's the cherry on-top of the hot fudge sundae... Extra-sweet. If you're gonna' buy one post to have for life, you might as well go straight to the top. The Moots Cinch seathead is a true piece of genius.

And I'm glad to hear you and Guitar Ted got a good ride in. Have to say that I'm a bit jealous of you and G-Ted... already toolin' around on your Fargos, but I know my time will come. The anticipation is part of the fun, right?!

Heck, I'm still lookin' forward to my Big Mama too!!! Holy cow, it's gonna' be a good next couple of months at my house. And to think, I just walked out of my bike room looking at five incredible Salsas thinking to myself how fortunate I was to have the awesome quiver of bikes I have to ride! I love life!

You guys should have seen the Trans Iowa postcard party we had over here tonight... Check out Endurosnob's blog for pictures. I'm sure he'll post some.

Talk to you soon, my brothers.