Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Big Mama Evolution...

The Big Mama got some component changes last night -- the Maverick SC32 and Hope front wheel, along with the Hayes hydraulic disc brakes and Shimano Deore XT rear wheel, all of which had been on my red El Mariachi. I basically just swapped 'em out so I could try the SC32 out and still have a matching wheelset (so as not to draw the ire of Bruce Brown -- I know who my critics are!).

New Chris King headset... yeah!
Thanks for the custom PCL graphics Smitty!
Another look at that new King headset... Beautiful.
Another look at the PCL graphics. Pretty cool and pretty rare, from what I'm told. Thanks again!
Little details... A bonus detail shot of the underside of the seatstay brace. Where else are you gonna' see that perspective on the Big Mama? Not many places, but it's a pretty cool view to have... Salsa paid attention, even to the spots where they knew you wouldn't be looking.

So how's it ride with the SC32? So far, so good, though I've only ridden it in-town. Tonight I'll take it out to Wilderness Park for a shakedown ride on the Monkey Wrench tuesday night ride. Hope to see lots of people out tonight!



Captain Bob said...

Very nice looking rig. Can't wait to someday throw my leg over one.

Carney said...

Dang, that's a sexy lookin ride!

Jason said...

These shots are why the masses (ok- me) come to The Dirt Blog. Love the new understated graphics that Salsa is doing. I'm also always amazed at the nice welds they get on their bikes. I look at some Alum. frames and it they have these big ass sloppy welds. The Salsa's always look sweet.

MG said...

Thanks guys... I feel really fortunate to be able to ride this bike -- that's for sure!

Jason, thanks especially for your comments on the images. That's really nice of you to say. And you're right -- Salsa really nailed it with the graphics on their new bikes. The welds too... As you pointed out, the beads are tight and perfect.

You can feel the quality when you ride the bike -- it handles with that feeling of tight precision. I like the handling with the SC32 too. It's definitely more aggressive than it was with the Manitou, but I was able to pull off some moves last night that just blew my mind. I was like velcro stuck to the dirt in corners... I couldn't believe how hard I was able to throw it into fast turns and hold an edge. The wheels just held fast to the ground contour as I pedaled away from the guys I was riding with (all very accomplished riders in their own rights). Granted, I was inspired by the conditions and the bike I was riding, but that was just it... I was inspired by the bike I was riding. How beautiful is that?

Guitar Ted said...

How beautiful is that? I'll tell ya.....IT"S FREAKIN' AWESOME BEAUTIFUL!!

Okay...sorry, but it had to be said!

And those PCL graphics are hot. I like that alot.

Enjoy your Turkey Day, my friend!

GNAT said...

MG, nice pics. Thanks. Sounds like you had a good ride last night. Glad my call didn't make you too late.

Glad the bike is treating you right. I know that I've turned my fastest laps at Murphy and Leb on this bike so I know it motors once you get it set up the way you want it.

Anyway, thanks again. Happy Turkey Day.

Craig said...

Great to hear you are loving it, I am loving mine also. I posted a pic of mine on your mtbr post(username Jomax).

I am still trying different pressures in the rear shock and am curious on what pressure you are running.

I am currently running 115 pressure and I weigh 185.


MG said...

Thanks for the comments guys and my apologies for the delay in replying. I've been without computer for the past couple of days while I was at my in-laws.

Guitar Ted, thanks for the kind words and thanksgiving wishes. I hope you had a great turkey day and that your weekend has been going super. You're right though... ;-)

Gnat, thanks for the call yesterday. It was awesome to talk to you and congratulations on your new Big Mama. 25.9 pounds -- very nice. It gives me something to aspire to, because I know I'm not quite there... yet. Give me time, and a bit of money. That wheelset you've got on your bike is something special... Hooboy!!! Thanks again, my friend.

Craig, I'm about 155 pounds and I'm running 95psi in the rear damper. I've run as low as 92psi and as high as 98psi, which is where I started. I've found 95 seems to be the sweet spot for me, though I rarely use 100 percent of the travel at that setting. I do however often use 95 percent of the travel. Maybe that's the racer boy in me...

That said, at 95psi and 155lbs, I'm at 61 percent and change of my body weight. At 115psi and 185lbs, you're at roughly 62 percent of your body weight, so we're both right in the ballpark. I'd say try dropping your pressure a few psi... perhaps to about 110-112psi and see what you think. You can always go back up. Just give it a shot.

Good luck man.


Bruce Brown said...

Thank God you've got a matching wheelset on there!!! :-]

It looks great.

MG said...

Thanks Bruce -- Man, just wait 'til you see the new rear wheel I'm working on. I just ordered a new XTR rear hub today. Don't worry, I'll use a black rim... ;-)

Bruce Brown said...

Sounds good.

How much bend is on that bar you're running - is that the 11 degree or 17 degree Salsa bar? Did you trim it down? Just curious cause it looks nice and trick as well as comfy.

MG said...

That's the 17-degree Moto Ace bar, and I'm running it at full-width. I'm a big fan of the sweep and leverage the bar gives, but had to add 10mm of length to my stem to compensate for how far back the sweep placed my hands. So now, instead of a 100mm stem, I run a 110mm model and it works out perfect.