Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pining for the Ponca 155...

It's almost here... The Ponca 155 is always one of my favorite rides each season we've done it, and the 2008 edition is coming up THIS SATURDAY. Here's the 411:

When: 4am start, Saturday, August 16
Where: JP's house on Comoy Circle (specific address to come)

I'll be riding my Salsa La Cruz this year, and there will inevitably be a balance of people on both mountain and 'cross bikes on the ride. All of us are planning on camping at Ponca State Park Saturday night. Some in the group will be riding riding back to Lincoln on Sunday -- now that's hardcore. Laura is going to meet me in Ponca to camp Saturday night, then we're going to head down to Columbus Sunday to spend time with family, so I won't be one of the ones that's riding home. That was kind of a bummer at first for me (missing the ride back home), but my parents only come into town about twice a decade, so we've clearly gotta' take advantage of them being in-town that weekend, and it's also my grandpa's 89th birthday celebration... We can't miss that.


Butcher said...

Wow, what a great weekend. I sure wish I was there riding.

Good luck. Have fun.

MG said...

We'd love to have you too... That bike you've been riding lately would be perfect for the route we've got on tap. ;-)

Talk to you soon, my friend.


Guitar Ted said...

Have a good ride. One of these day it will work out for m to come. It just wasn't meant to be yet.

Can't wait to hear the stories from this one.

redstone said...

I'll take a long pull on Sat on your behalf brother. Have fun.

Jason said...

Man, the La Cruz is getting some serious mileage this season! Enjoy!

MG said...

Thanks Brothers... You'll all be there in spirit, no doubt.


Steve Fuller said...

Argh... I need to be more aware of these things. Would have been a damn good time. hvae a good time MG.

MG said...

Thanks Steve -- We would have loved to have had ya' on the ride, but get it on your calendar for next year, OK?!!

Have a great weekend.