Friday, August 22, 2008

Lookin' Forward to the Weekend...

As I sit here on Friday at almost Noon, I'm starting to get excited in anticipation of a rockin' weekend to-come. CVO is home, there's fun stuff planned... It's gonna' be a good one, for sure. Hope to see you out there somewhere. If not, make it a great, safe weekend wherever you are. And get out and RIDE YOUR BIKE, please! It's fun!

BTW, I've been 'tagged' by Gnat, so look for my post to fulfill that to-come soon. It'll reveal some deep, dark secrets about bikes you never even knew I wanted...


Guitar Ted said...

MG: I know you will be riding! No question there. I have a ride planned for tomorrow too. I sure hope the rain drops stay away for the both of us.

I'll bet the whole cycling community there is buzing about CVO's return.

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend, my friend!

MG said...

Thanks Guitar Ted. It's absolutely true what you say about the buzz surrounding CVO's return home. It's awesome! Like you, I'm keeping one wary eye on the sky, hoping that the rain holds off. I hope it does... it'd be great to get a weekend in of primo dirt.

Be safe, have fun and I'll see you soon at Boone. The 24 Hours of Seven Oaks is only a week away!! Sweet!!!