Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Great Bicycle Commuting Article...

Matt Wills commutes, with Talley and Liem in tow. Image: Michael Paulsen, Lincoln Journal Star

Read: Biking diehards ride to work or play, regardless of weather
- By Jeff Korbelik/Lincoln Journal Star

Thanks to everyone involved in this awesome article, in particular, Matt and Karen Wills, and Brent Johnson. You're awesome representatives for the sport, and I'm proud to call you my friends. Also, thank you to Jeff Korbelik and the Lincoln Journal Star for writing and printing such a great article. It actually made bicycle commuting seem like an achievable reality for regular people (which it is), and that's message we need the masses to hear today more than ever.

Thanks again!


mw said...

thanks buddy. i was sweating. soaking the top half of your pants type sweat.

Cornbread said...

Wills, you rock.

MG said...

Right on MW. What makes you special is your commitment to commuting. That much we (who have known you all this time) understand to be truth. What I think you did a great job of in this article though, was making commuting by bike seem achievable by "normal" people -- people that don't ride bikes and live bikes all the time. That is a major victory, and that's what made this article so special in my opinion. Great work my friend.

Guitar Ted said...

“This is easy. This is not hard. I try to make my life not hard.”


MG said...

Yeah, that's a beauty of a quote, isn't it?! And it's absolutely true too. Commuting by bike doesn't have to make your life hard. And it's not about being "perfect." It's just about always trying to do the best you can. And MW lives The Word.