Monday, June 09, 2008

Check Out the Salsa Amigos Blog

The lead pack, perhaps 40 miles into the race. Photo: J. Cummins, Heartland Race Promotions

My tales from the Dirty Kanza 200 were posted on the Salsa Cycles Amigo's Blog today (Monday). Be sure to stop by and check it out.


Cornbread said...

Great recap. You are too kind good sir. It was a pleasure to ride with ya. Lookin' forward to more of the same during the Ponca ride. When is the Ponca ride? We need to figure that out soon.

MG said...

Yeah we do. That ride will rock this year. I'm lookin' forward to it. JP and I were talking about it tonight, in fact.

But thanks for the kind words on the race recap, and for being such an awesome representative for the sport. It was awesome riding with you in the Kanza, my friend.


sda said...

you guys keep me in the loop on this ponca ride. i've got the hankering to time a visit to mom with that.


MG said...

will do sda. that'd be super sweet to have you on the ponca 155 this year!

CJ said...

Ponca Ponca Ponca!!!???

Yeah, please email me as well...or post something on your blog.

Peace out

BTW, good job to you and cornbread on your finishes at the Kanza this year. I could not believe the winning time...that is fast!

MG said...

oh yeah cj -- we'll keep ya' in the loop. the plans are definitely in progress... we're getting close to a date.