Friday, January 25, 2008

Lovin' La Cruz...

The TI/DK200 weapon is in the house, and man, is it sweet! Drop bars feel weird, but they'll be just the ticket on the gravel grinders. Disc brakes stop with authority. Whoa.

Just enough room for 44c tires. Yeah... that's the ticket. Steel. True Temper OX Platinum steel. Good stuff. Rides mighty fine. It'll last a long time too. Frame saver is already installed.

Now, it's time to sleep. Sweet dreams...


Jason said...

Wow does that look sweet! Congrats man. If we had more gravel roads around here I'd be all over that. Then again. Pennsylvania roads are getting damn close to just being gravel :) That orange rocks.

I sweat like a stuck pig and alway fear what I would do to a steel bikes head tube. I've ruined my share of head sets via my sweat.

Enjoy the weekend!

MG said...

Thanks Jason -- I'll get some better pics, and a full component report posted soon.

I wouldn't worry too much about what you'd do to a steel frame from sweat. I've produce some pretty nasty stuff myself, and have never messed anything up beyond repair. You just gotta' clean up after yourself... ;-)

King headsets never hurt either -- They never die. I've got a silver one coming for this bike, actually.

Still, I take you as more of a Chili Con Crosso rider than a La Cruz rider though, Jason. You're 100-percent into Salsa's scandium frames (as a current Campeon and Dos rider), where I straddle the fence between their scandium and steel steeds. I love 'em both (the CCC and the La Cruz), but I gotta' say, I'm really diggin' the Monster 'Cross feel of this new La Cruz right now. It's got a very distinct personality.

Have a great weekend Jason! We're finally coming out of our deep-freeze conditions, and are supposed to have temps in the 40s both weekend days -- perfect for new bike shakedown rides. Hope you're able to get out on your new Campeon as well.

Jason said...

Ah, the Campeon was just dropped at my mechanic friends house today. I'm a bit of doo-fuss with the mechanical side of bikes. So the build should be done within the week.

We're still frozen here. I might have to "slum it" on the Mamasita tomorrow for an icey ride. HA!

Cornbread said...

Very nice.

debaser said...

Mmmm... Matching stem goodness....

MG said...

oh shit jason... i totally forgot you have a mama' too! you are a total scandium wanker! (hee hee... said with full respect bro ;)

cornbread, i'll give 'er the maiden gravel grind tomorrow with your 9am ride at the d st. see ya' there.

ganzel, hope to be able to give you an in-person look at the sweetness soon. hope you and your beautiful girls are doing super.

have a great weekend!


Guitar Ted said...

Congrats Matt. That is a sweet gravel grindin' mo-sheen!

Hope your rides go well and that you have some fun.

ps- got another drop out today. That makes you one rider closer to T.I.!

MG said...

thanks good buddy. that's great news! so how 'far out' does that make me? (answer, of course, is "pretty far out, man.")

see you soon mark. hope the ridin' this weekend is great for ya'.


debaser said...

Yeah, we'd love to see you and L soon. Bring that bike out and we'll hit my ghetto 3 hour tour loop (dirtbismark/doudy/marshall) loop. I'll let you droll over my new crosser if you let me drool over yours.

Travis said...

Great write up and pic's.

MG said...

That'd be sweet. You know I love putting together getto loops on the weekends. I could bring you that crankset, 'eh?!!

Thanks Travis.