Saturday, December 29, 2007

Whaddya Make of This???

CLICK HERE, and listen closely to what Salsa Marketing Director, Mike Riemer says right at the end of the video.


gNAT said...

MG, what took you so long?

I've got a pretty good ideas what this means.....

MG said...

i was waiting to see if anyone else said anything about it... sh*!, does anyone watch that thing?!!

i was watching it again last night and was like, "wait a second, this is on a public forum... i can link to it. i don't have to say a thing. i can let mike say it all."

... and so i did.

MG said...

... i just can't wait to have my own. still waiting to hear when that'll be, but you know me. i'm not patient at all. ;-)

thanks good buddy. happy new year!


Jason said...

You know I watch that video like 3 times before, but never let it get to the end. STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!

Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I DO NOT need to be thinking about more bikes.:)

Happy new year!


MG said...

LOL... I think you weren't the only one. That might be one of the better-kept secrets in the cycling world right now.

Wait'll you actually see the bike. Based on what little I know, it'll be well worth the wait.

Happy New Year!!


gNAT said...

I was a bit shocked that no one found this. In fact, it bothered me.

I later found that mtbr forgot to put up our video up even though we were one of the first folks to have our virtual trade show booth up.

Later, we asked about the video and they finally got the vid up. I think folks just moved on from reading and watching trade show coverage.

In the end, who cares?! Things happen for a reason.

All I can say that what ever "it" is, "it" is good and we'll release "it" when it's ready.

MG said...

I watched the video right after it was put up on the site, but I also wanted to respect my (very small) role in the overall promotional 'machine' at Salsa Cycles.

I'm super excited about this bike, no doubt, but I also want to use due caution as to what I type here. It's not my job to spoil your new product intros! And heck, in the grand scheme of things, it's not like I really know what's going on anyway! You're always sufficiently cagey with me... ;-)

Jason said...

"sufficiently cagey" LOL! I like that! And very true. J sure knows how to dangle a spicy carrot at the end of the stick, that's for sure.

MG said...

Lol... so true. He's a good marketer, even to his team riders. He knows how to present things in a most appealing way. ;-)

You should have seen the day I went over to his house to feast my eyes on whatever "it" is for the first time. It was like driving up on a "pimp my ride" of beautiful machines ready for action. If they had been production bikes (which they most definitely weren't, which made it waaaaaaay cooler), it could have been a catalog photo shoot, he had the presentation so dialed...

So what I can say is that I have seen and ridden a much earlier version of "it", and that a lot has developed since I saw the bike. I can't wait to see and ride the production bike, because based on what I do know, it's going to be very close to being exactly the bike I've been asking for. I can't tell you exactly what that is, because I can't steal the thunder of Salsa's intro, but those of you who know and ride with me know pretty well what I'm looking for in a big wheel full suspension bike.

For many of those people I just mentioned -- the guys I ride with, this new bike will be a really good option, and will be worth waiting for, if just to test ride amongst the other options you're considering. Simply put, it's built by guys who live and ride in the midwest, so they're building it to rock in the conditions we deal with regularly -- and it does, just like every bike Salsa builds.

gNAT said...

"sufficiently cagey"! You make me sound so calculated...oh wait, maybe I am.

MG, let's just leave it at what has been said. It's true, you are one of the few that have seen it.

That said, it's been a while and it's possible some things have changed.....

Anyway, you guys rock. I wish I could have made your gravel grinder the other day. I just got back from another 20+ miles in sub 20 degree weather. That makes 3 this week. All sub 20 degree before factoring in wind chill. Ouch.

Now quit talking about what might be and go ride one of your current Salsa's! :)

Ride & Smile!

MG said...

alright, alright... i'll shut up.

... but jason b., i'm calling you as soon as i grind some coffee and pour water into my coffee maker.

i gotta' take a day off the bike. my knees hurt from beating 'em up too hard the past couple of days. might ride to the party tonight. it's way harder to get pulled over for riding intoxxxxicated. ;-)

... no you rock jason.

gNAT said...

Have fun and be safe MG.

Check out the Gnat blog today for my past week of fun. Sledding, skating, skiing, biking, and more.

Guitar Ted said...

Okay, I'm late to the party here, but this is pretty cool.

First off, my wife laughed at Mike's little bit of a presentation there. She gets a kick out of him, that's for sure.

Anyway, yeah.....I've known about this rig for awhile too. (And I even know the name of "it"!), but like you; mg, I respect the heck out of what Salsa is doing, the way they do it, and all of the great folks behind it. So, I've been on the down low about "it" too.

Like Gnat says, maybe there is a reason this hasn't been getting "airplay" over the forums and I think it's a good thing. Too much speculation aforehand only creates more disappointment and bitterness after the fact. Seen it happen way too many times.

I say, let 'em be surprised!

Guitar Ted said...

Oh yeah! And what about that comment made earlier in Mike's segment, "There will be Scandium completes available in the future too." (or something to that effect)

Looks like we'll be seeing some more complete rigs coming down the pipe real soon, huh?

gNAT said...

GT, funny stuff for sure. I get a kick out of Mike too?

Name? Don't say it here, but I don't think you know the name. I think I know the "idea" you have. If I'm right, you are dead wrong. Other than that, I've only told one person.....and keep your mouth shut.

Shoot me a direct email with the name and if you get it right, I'll send you a prize.

MG said...

... i just sent you an email gnat.

there's no shame in taking the time to make sure something is done right. if we have to wait a little longer to have a bike that is as it should be from square one, it will have been well worth the wait. i'm confident it will be just that.

i heartily endorse an expanded offering of complete scandium bikes too, as i feel like scandium is the one material that truly offers differentiating value in the marketplace when compared to other materials. it's light, relatively inexpensive (compared to titanium or carbon fiber), rides great (a lot like steel or ti) and is durable.

i've been racing scandium bikes for three seasons now, from salsa in 06 and 07, and before that from kona. in that time i've become a big fan of scandium's qualities when built into a high quality bicycle frame. complete scandium salsas will be great additions to the line.