Thursday, December 06, 2007

John Peterson's Jingle Cross Pics on

Local photographer and all around good guy John S. Peterson got some great images from the recent Jingle Cross Rock race weekend, and I found many of them out on Some good ones I found of racers of interest included:
  • Troy Krause - the up-and-coming hammer.
  • Krause #2 - After finishing a close second in the 3s to Adam Lang. Nice ride buddy.
  • Steve Tilford - The Big Gun. Never Slowing Down.
  • Todd Wells and Tristan Schouten - Headlines read: "Wells Works 'Em, Both Days." Here, riding up "Mount Krumpit," which Jesse said was crazy steep and long. The fact that these guys were riding it is a testament to their inhuman skills. Jesse said he tried, but even with roughly a 28t low, he wasn't gettin' it done... and he's a mighty fine rider, I think you'll all agree. Hey, what's the bike that Tristan guy is riding there??? Looks mighty familiar. Hmmm...
  • Tom Price -- Lookin' good in the 35+ masters as always, but unfortunately here, about to get caught by the guy behind him in this picture.
  • Sydney Brown - Team Badger - On the rivet for 3rd place in the pro women. Nice...

There's a bunch more of John's JingleCross Rock shots up on the site. Check 'em all out HERE. Enjoy! While you're at it, check out John's Website,

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