Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Good Discussion on the Salsa Blog Right Now...

No integrated seatmast here...

It was with a great deal of interest that I read today's post on the Salsa Cycles Amigos Blog -- titled "Forward or Backward?" Even though I'm not a roadie, I've formed a pretty strong opinion about integrated seatmasts, arguably the most prominent trend in road bike framebuilding in the past five years.

Check the post
out and weigh-in with your own opinion. They're looking for your feedback.

Hope to see lots of you down in KC at the 'Cross Nationals this weekend. I've found a place to lay my weary head over the weekend, so we're all set to roll after work Friday night. It turns out I'll be hangin' with JP, Frankie and Woodman -- Nice! And there are gonna' be so many people in town for the racing -- it's gonna' be off the hook!! I'm getting excited just sitting here typing... I wanna' leave NOW!

Is it Friday yet?! No? Well, at least we're over the hump. To celebrate, I think I'm gonna' sneak out for a quick ride... ;-)



PaddyH said...

nice wheels...and slipper.

MG said...

lol... i was wonderin' if anyone would catch that sitting there.

they feel like slippers on your feet too. mmmm... toasty. i like 'em!

Jason said...

Those Lakes are sweet! Every year I say I'm gonna buy a pair. And don't. I'm an idiot.

Man, I love that color EM. Wishing Salsa was still making it. Although the new red is pretty bad ass.

MG said...

so true brother... the lakes are a big investment, but they are worth every single penny. and the el mariachi, well, you know we're on the same page there too.

but as much as i love the green, red bikes will always be my favorite... just like red cars are my favorite. i suppose that says something about my personality.

have a great weekend jason,