Sunday, October 21, 2007


my allergies gave me a really great birthday present this weekend, so i skipped the 'cross racing and just laid low. i hope everyone that raced had a great time at swanson. cvo's got the 411 from the 612 on the hff on the ffl. check it out.

thanks to emily for the birthday wishes from the emergency room in minneapolis... emily hit the deck attempting one of the "feats of strength" at the hff. she's on her way to getting better though. cvo's got her email address up on ffl to send her your get well wishes, and i know she'll appreciate 'em.

thanks also for the calls and messages of birthday wishes from my family and friends. i very much appreciate them all.



debaser said...

Hope you got a little kung fu fighting in this weekend.

MG said...

nope... no kung fu fighting. the hff folks got all of that.