Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Don't Miss It -- Tuesday Night Monkey Wrench Ride...

The 2008 Salsa La Cruz, spotted in Minnesota. Will Jason have it with him tonight? You just never know... but I bet he will.

You won't want to miss the Tuesday Night Monkey Wrench Ride tonight. Salsa Cycles head honcho Jason Boucher will be joining us, and he'll be bringing a couple of his favorite new 2008 Salsa bicycles with him.

Will he bring his super sweet La Cruz disc-specific STEEL 'cross bike? Perhaps a new El Mariachi?? Maybe a Mamasita, or even something else extra-special that nobody's seen before??? I guess you'll just have to join us to find out.

We roll out at 6:15pm from Monkey Wrench Cycles, at 1225 P Street. Hope to see you there.

Regardless of which '08 Salsa bikes Jason brings, you'll be among the first in the United States to see them in-person, and if you ask him real nicely, I bet Jason will even let you take 'em for a spin.

My back yard says that Wilderness Park is going to be in perfect shape for tonight. Yesterday's rain fell at a rate the earth could absorb, so with a day of sun, I predict we'll have tacky, Velcro-style cornering traction and no mud (except for just south of Old Cheney in one spot that will be easy to ride around).

It's going to be one of the most beautiful evenings of the year, and we'll be spending it riding bikes with good buddies. How about you -- are you in?


Bruce Brown said...

Heck, I'm in!

Ooops. Only one slight dilemma. How do I get from Des Moines to Lincoln between 5:30pm when I get off work and to the start of your ride at 6:15?

Oh well....

Have a blast on the ride and I hope the new Salsa bikes are crowd pleasers.

Butcher said...

We'll miss you Bruce. Next time I pass through Des Moines, we need to meet.

Jason said...

Anxious to see what bikes showed. Looking forward to seeing the 0h-ates.

MG said...

Thanks guys. Bruce, it'd have been awesome to have both you and Jason here at the same time.

Jason rode his new '08 El Mariachi last night, but he also brought a Mamasita and his flat-bar LaCruz.

That LaCruz is awesome... My teammate Jesse will be racing 'cross this season on one -- in fact his frameset is sitting in my basement right now! Can't wait to get that built up for him.


gravy said...

Could you email me?


MG said...

sure gravy. i'll send you an email right now. talk to you soon.


Butcher said...

It was a great night!

While I did have trouble picking which bike to try, in the end I chose the El Mariachi because of new-bike-itis. It was perfect for Wilderness Park...even though MG made me look stupid while stomping me into the ground on his Chili Con Crosso.

Thanks MG and thanks to Lincoln crew for showing me a great time. I'll probably get some pictures up sometime this week.


MG said...

Right on Jason -- Thanks for making the 850-mile round-trip trek to check out the TNMWR.

JP came over after work last night to check his new La Cruz frameset out... To say he was stoked would be a severe understatement! I think the words "this bike is the perfect me bike" were uttered at one point as he pondered the fact that the bike is 1) a 'cross bike, 2) steel, and 3) disc specific. Pretty cool.

You were powering those huge 2.55 Weirwolf LTs pretty well. It's probably a bit much tire for Wilderness Park, but I'd always rather have too much traction than not enough. You rode the park well -- a lot of riders' first time out there is much less smooth.

I'm glad we were able to get you by MW's house to see his collection of Soulcrafts and Fats too. Dang, now that I think about it, we've got a lot of people riding really nice bikes in this town. Your first comment to me was "who's Steve Potts is that outside MWC?!!" when you arrived into town. Of course it was Eric's... the one with the blue fork.

Have a great day. Thanks again Jason for coming down to see us. You're welcome at mi casa anytime.


Butcher said...

Thanks for humoring me Matt and riding slow enough that I felt OK. Yeah, I was pushing those big tires and at times I wished I had ridden my Mamasita with my light and fast wheels, but I still had fun and that is what matters. Besides, you can't get faster if you don't ride with folks that push you. You and Nate certainly did that!

You are right, Lincoln has some sweet bikes with a great scene. I can't remember the last time I was on a ride with 3 Salsas, 2 Moots, a Potts, a Serotta Ti, Litespeed Ti, carbon Tomac, a few Konas and a slew of Surlys.

MG said...

pushin' those monster tires will make you strong quicker than anything! i was riding 34c 'cross tires, so i had about half as much rubber on the ground at any time than you did.

thanks for recognizing the awesome bicycle community we have here in lincoln too. i feel incredibly fortunate to be a little part of it. there are so many people that genuinely love to ride bicycles here. i was in a bike lane traffic jam this morning at 14th and O streets!! RAD!