Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Tuesday Night Monkey Wrench Ride - A Celebration

The conga line through the park -- Photo: CVO

We had a great time on the MWC ride last night. -kw showed up and let us help him celebrate his 40th year on earth. Happy Birthday Kevin!!

We didn't have a huge group, but we were actually able to get through Wilderness without too much mud. That isn't the case today, as the rains overnight have pretty much flooded the park.

On one hand, we definitely need the rain. I'm finding out that the grass really is still alive in my yard because of the recent rains. On the other hand, it stinks that we're going to be shut out of the park for at least the next week.

I rode my Chili Con Crosso last night, and man, that thing just rips through Wilderness! The traction was just incredible too, so I was able to pretty much throw the bike as hard at corners as I dared. That said, Alter N8 easily kept up with me on his singlespeed. I've come to expect that lately though, 'cuz that kid can FLY through Wilderness. He grew up ripping the park, just like I did... It's just been longer since I "grew up." Some may argue that I still have a ways to go there...

It's Wednesday, and I'm already looking forward to the weekend. The forecast is calling for 100 degrees for the Maskethine Psycowpath series race on Saturday. Typical August in Nebraska... I'm still planning on going up. My Mom lives near there, so it's an easy one for her to come see me race at. Hopefully my legs will have a little more in 'em than they had at the last Psycowpath race at Lake Manawa. This will be my third race in really hot weather, and I think I'm starting to come around. It's taken me a while to get used to the heat this year, but usually, once I'm used to it, I can race pretty well in it. We'll see how this weekend treats me.

Have a great day!



VeloCC said...

So you cut your hair?? I guess I will see it Saturday:)

MG said...

oh yeah... no more hippie hair! between the heat and the fact that it was getting in my eyes, mouth and face all the dang time, i was ready for it to be gone.

of course i sunburnt my neck pretty good over the weekend, but i suppose that's to be expected. it'll heal.

see ya' saturday!