Monday, August 20, 2007

New Hutchinson 'Cross Tires... It's a good day.

The stormy weather tonight was the perfect excuse to mount up my new 34c Hutchinson 'cross tires...

The 34c Bulldog CX (left)

The 34c Pirana CX (right)

Between six and eighteen loyal readers know what the nut on the presta valve means.

Lookin' good... The CCC and its new treads.


debaser said...

You nutted on your presta valve?

MG said...


Bruce Brown said...


Looks good.

Hey, speaking of tires - what's a good tire to run at Swanson? I've got a choice of Karma, Nano or XR for tomorrow (or Kenda Klaws if you think it is that muddy).

KEV said...

just so you know Swanson should be realy good by 3:00 Saturday. spread the word in Lincoln. I rode 3 laps today 2 with Jones XR's and 1 with Mud X tires. Mud X's were better today but I have a feeling Jones or a simular tire will be good to go by 3:00. I think they made a good call starting it late.
if it's simular conditions 6 laps will most likely be around 2 1/2 hours.

MG said...

sorry i missed your posts guys... i didn't get much computer time this weekend. too much riding!! that's a good problem to have.

bruce, what tires did you end up riding? i didn't get to see what they were when i saw you on the course.

i ended up keeping my crossmarks on, and they were perfect for the conditions. i didn't want for anything, except perhaps for a scooter engine to help power me up the climbs. that was the only way i would have had a chance of catching kent or cam saturday.

that's okay. third place in the company i was racing with is about as good as i can hope for.