Thursday, June 07, 2007

WE NEED YOUR HELP! A message from JP...

Got this from our good buddy JP today:
The bacon ride kicks-off this Sunday, June 10th!

This weekly, Sunday morning ride can be described best by Mark Savory as pure sweet bacon.

Meet at the Wild Turkey parking lot (east end of Platte River State Park) at 7:00am.
After riding a few laps we meet back in the parking lot at 9:00am (Horse rides start at 9:00am and last until 4:00pm EVERY day).
From this point, follow the smell of bacon to the restaurant lodge just up the hill!
Enjoy this breakfast buffet while over-looking the Platte River and chatting with your extended family of Nebraska's finest trail builders, elite racers, shop mechanics, bacon connoisseurs and vegetarians alike.

We need your help!
I've been getting emails from folks who have been out to the park lately, and it sounds like the trails could use some love.
Excessive winds and rain have brought down tree branches and sparked weed growth since the Battle Royale.
Horses have somehow trampled deep into precious single-track which will be brought up to park officials after I photograph the damage.

Here's the Plan:
Saturday, June 9th
Meet @ 9am
Wild Turkey Parking Lot
Work on trails 'till Noon

What to bring:
  • Weed Whackers/Gas
  • Gloves
  • Water
  • Bug Spray
  • Money for Buffalo Burgers @ the Lodge
(We need at least 1 chainsaw)

Please spread the word - and that word is


I'll be heading out there with Jesse, and we'd sincerely appreciate it if you would join us. Bring whatever tools you've got. If you don't have tools, you've got hands, and we'll need those more than anything. There are reportedly some serious downed trees that we're going to need to get outta' there before it's rideable at all. We'll all benefit from the work we'll do, and for a long time to come too. Call me at 314.2150 if you've got any questions.

JP and I won't be bringing bikes Saturday. We'll be focused on first, getting the trail 100-percent rideable. Then if there's time, we'll try to do what we can to repair the horse damage.

Sunday's another story. Sunday we ride (details in my earlier post - below).

Hope you can make it out Saturday and/or Sunday.


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3p0 said...

sorry guys, I can't and you know why... I've got some stuff at home to do...