Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tuesday... Rollin.

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet -- It was hard to get off my bike at the end of my commute this morning. I wanted to just keep on ridin'.

The trim on that house matches my bike pretty well... I like it better on my bike.

Flyin' down J street, one hand on the bar, one hand stretched behind me taking pictures. Yeah, that's safe.

It was a beautiful morning to commute... already 80 degrees at 7:45am though, so it was a warm one.

Don't forget the MWC ride tonight -- hope to see you there -- 6:15pm at MWC world HQ (1225 P St.).

Believe it or not, the east-side trail is in relatively good shape, thanks to the diligent hard work of Rose Paolini and Karl Schlitt. If you know Rose and/or Karl, please give them a big hug and hearty THANK YOU for their selfless work out there. Both are awesome people and good friends.

It makes the experience better for all of us, and especially now, with the budget cuts Lincoln Parks & Rec has endured, we're going to be called upon increasingly to maintain the trails on which we ride. I know I could be better about devoting a percentage of my time to trail maintenance. How 'bout you?

In fact, you've got an opportunity to put your money where your mouth is Wednesday night (June 27). JP, MW, myself and several others are going out to Platte to rid the trails (especially 001, Ruthies Backyard and Yunto) of weeds. We need all hands on deck for this one. If you've got hands, we want you. If you've got a Weed Eater, even better. Bring it. You'll go through more than a tankful of gas too, and while I'll try to bring some gas that we all can use, you might want to bring some of your own just in case.

I'm not absolutely sure what time we're going to meet -- probably around 6pm. I've got a call in with JP to let me know, and as soon as I do, so too will you.

I hope you have a great day.



Mom G said...

I think you are having too much fun Matty!

Our weather is good today, but yesterday it was in the high 40's when we got up! We're still wearing coats!

Ride safely.

Love ya.

Mom G

MG said...

hey mom -- yeah, you know me. i always make whatever i'm doing fun. i probably looked a little insane to oncoming motorists on j street while i was snapping those shots on the fly, but oh well. no harm no foul.

the high 40s is perfect sleeping weather... sadly i don't think we'll see those temps for a few months, but i suppose that's ok -- i like the hot weather too.

love you,

Mom G said...

Well if I was driving down the street and saw you I would bust into laughter! When I got to work I would have to say - "you should have this guy on his bike this morning!" Oh well, if we can't have run - then - what's left?

Hugs and love,


redstone said...

sometimes, you just have to keep on ridin :)

MG said...

... so true davey.

i suppose i am 'that guy' for some people when they get to work in the morning. and likely not just this past tuesday.