Thursday, April 05, 2007

Walkin' on the Moon...

OK, so it's not the moon -- it's Zip!

Thanks to my good friend Dave Chase for the awesome shot from the Zippity Do Dah trail (aka 'Zip') in Fruita, Colorado. Photo taken March 25, 2007.

No, you can't see the smile on my face, but it's there. I suspect that if my El Mariachi could, it'd be smiling too. The riding on 18 road brought out the best of that bike's character. It absolutely ruled on the swoopy, fast conditions, and the recent rain gave the dirt a tackiness that made for uncommonly good cornering.

When I think of the fun we had that day, this is the image that I'm likely recalling... Man, that was a good trip.

Thanks again for the shot Dave!

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