Monday, February 12, 2007

Black (toe) Monday...

I hope you all had a great weekend (all four of you that read my blog...;-).

It was ummm... interesting for me. While working on my bike Saturday night (after a very fun ride through the park with MW, -jb and butchie), I was switching some tires around in prep. for my new El Mariachi's upcoming arrival. With no tire on the Dos' rear wheel, I dropped it on my foot. It hit rim-down on my big toe -- one wall right at the base of the nail, and one wall in-between the two knuckles. It hit the toenail side the hardest, and now said toenail is completely black. It's coming off, I'm pretty sure.

But talk about painful... You should see me right now. I'm hobbling around very slowly, and if I don't have to stand up another time this afternoon, that'll be just fine with me.

... I know there's a lesson in this somewhere, but it's already turning out to be a painful one to learn!

Have a great week!


gravy said...

Karma's telling you to sit the "F" down for a while and watch some "F"ing Jimi videos.

Now, let's see what those other three people who read this have to say.

Anonymous said...

sorry mg, sounds like a freak accident with lots of pain. heal fast pal.

sda said...

dude, i did something similar two weeks ago and can't wear cycling shoes or ski boots. i'm hosed.

next weekend i quit caring and will suffer through it.

len said...

dude, ouch.

on my way to pick up my wife from the airport last night I slammed my left middle finger in the door. hurt like a somna batch. my finger aint broken, but there is a cut on the tip and the whole thing is wine red to black. gotta start using the handle instead of the side of the door.

and two days earlier I broke my durn crosscheck frame. all the sudden my rear lock up. though it was cause i dropped the chain. nope, the crank was overlapping the driveside chainstay. a little cold pressing with my foot and I was able to ride back to Austin Bikes for their one year annivesary party. good thing casue it would have been a long walk.

len said...

oh your post was about foot damage.

let it be a lesson to you to wear shoes when working. a buddy of mine's dad when I was a young lad was drilling some holes in the fin on his waterski to put a small horizontal fin on that helps the ski plane better. well, butterfingers dropped the drill and it went through his foot! ouch

redstone said...

Sucky dude. Better start wearing the steel toed shoes in the shop there.

Well, that makes 5 of us here. 6 if you include Debaser. :)

A.B. said...

Bummer man! My wife's big toenail is falling off, but we don't know what she did.

Few questions about your El Mariachi if you don't mind:
-What color are you getting?
-Are you keeping it rigid?
-What tires are you going to put on it?
-Are you going to use a Salsa 17deg flat bar?

Sorry for all the questions. Inquiring minds want to know. I have a rigid Monocog 29er that I just put Rampages and the 17deg Salsa bar on. Still working on the bar angle, but it feels good so far. Can't wait to see pic's of the new ride!

MG said...

i need some jimi right now...

sda and len, get better soon guys! if misery loves company, we're like matched triplets. well, sorta.

len, you make me laugh. a drill through the foot would suck big time.

davey and ganzel -- i can't wait to see you guys. we're gonna' be riding in moab in just over a month! plenty of time for my toenail to fall off and get better, hopefully.

and finally, a.b., no need to apologize for the questions -- I love 'em. here's what i'm thinking for my El Mariachi:

- i'm getting green. jason at salsa was telling me the other day that the green "makes him thirsty", and i think that sums it up. that said, the blue is absolutely stunning in person too. you really can't go wrong with either color.
- my plan is to keep it rigid for as long as the plates and 20 screws in my right arm can handle it. i might put my reba on it for our upcoming moab/fruita "mancation," but otherwise, the plan is to run 'er rigid.
- tires: i run a lot of different tires, so it's hard to nail one specific combo down, but for all-around non-racing riding, i'm digging the combination of a kenda nevegal 2.2 in the front with a wtb exiwolf in the rear. that nevegal is something special, traction wise, but it rolls pretty slowly on the rear. the exi is a faster tread pattern without losing any volume. for the dirty kanza, and more racey stuff, i'll likely run the front bontrager jones xr front and rear, or on the front with a kenda karma 1.9 in the rear. you mentioned the rampages, and that's the one tire i haven't tried yet that i'd like to try. i will soon.
- i am planning on running the salsa 17 degree handlebar. i have one ordered, along with a 10mm longer stem (a 110mm). as you may know, i run a mary bar/100mm stem on my dos right now, and it's just a super setup. i've held a salsa 17 degree bar in my hands, and it felt very good too. if you're feeling too far back on the bike with that bar, try a little longer stem. you might even need to give it 15-20mm to mimic your position with a 5 degree bar.
- i like the redline 29ers a lot, and the guys i know that have them are ripping it up with big 'ol smiles on their faces, so that says a lot. i used to race redline bmx bikes, so i have a soft spot in my heart for their bikes to this day. you made a great choice for a first 29er!

once again, thank you so much for all your kind wishes. i feel so blessed to have great friends like you.

cheers to all,

debaser said...

Screw you and your mancation.

len said...

that redline 29er looks real sweet and at a sweet price.

i haven't ridden it, but looks to me that it is pretty competative with a unit 29er at about $100 less. the rear sliders on the redline definately look pretty tight, look like a paragon machine works knock-off. forward facing drops on the fork. paint also looks a little better on the redline. already a lot of paint has been chipping off the unit. there's more missing paint than what's missing on my crosscheck that i've been riding about 3 years.

for < $900, that flite is pretty rad.

gravy said...

472-2653, ask for Scott. I've got a couple studio dvds. We can meet at Monkees or something.

MG said...

Ha ha Ganzel... We'll be riding while you and Z are birthin'. Tell Z it'd be super cool if she could have the baby while we're out West. That way we could see the results of your work on our way back through the high mile city... or was that the mile high city. I forget... hmmm... (long pause)

Ok then, gravy, we'll hook up soon. I'm not trying to be evasive. Three of my clients at work have their big trade show of the year next week, so I've been in press kit production in a big and bad way... But the good news is the light is getting brighter at the end of the tunnel -- just in time for the weekend. Let's try to hook up then.

Swiggity swank then brahs. Peace out.

gravy said...

I am a patient boy, I wait I wait I wait. Everybody movin...

Okay then. That's my work number. My cell is 770-5312. No rush. Heck, Conrad has yet to borrow the Paris-Roubaix he wanted at one point last year...