Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Get it while it's HOT...

Looks like tonight's The Night if you want to get out and ride in temperatures above freezing. The MWC ride heads out at 6:15pm. It'll be fun. Hope to see you there.



redstone said...

I just got back from the Lyons Tuesday night ride. We rode some of the ghetto singletrack around town and poached Hall Ranch up to the bottom of the rock garden. Conditions were freakin' superb. 20 or so degrees, and blizzarding snow. There was at least 4-6" on the ground when we ducked back inside.

Spent the rest of the night eating and drinking at Oskar's. Plus, it was Bluegrass Jam night, too. fun shit, I tell you. Hope your night was equally as fun!

mg said...

nice... you can tell dale that we were enjoying some of his pale ale on the ep bridge (the south one) last night while we waited for mw's arrival. it was right at freezing, but very clear. the cold front had just moved through and the clouds cleared out to reveal an absolutely stunning moon.

it was good, but we didn't get the Oskar's bluegrass experience afterwards. That woulda' capped it off. glad to hear you guys had fun!

hope to see you soon. any word from intense on the eta of my spider 29? i'm gettin' excited!