Wednesday, October 18, 2006

When good wheels go bad on the Beer Ride...

When shenanigans strike and a wheel protests by assuming a potato chip-like shape...

When truing the wheel wasn't enough...

When Woodman beating it on the Beeramid didn't work...

When all else failed, who had my back? Of course it was the one they call Alter N8... He rode home, grabbed one of his rear wheels and rode it back to me so that I could ride instead of walking out of the park. Talk about a class act -- this kid is awesome!

He even brought his own (huge) bag of homemade beef jerkey, shared it freely... and he's a heck of a rider to-boot.

AlterN8's the next generation - and we need more kids like him.

Photo credits: first two images, thirtyfourtwenty; third image, beerorkid.


debaser said...


Reminds me of the snow ride through wilderness way back when - you blew up your rear tire, went home and got a new one, and timetrialed back to meet us on the rr tracks.

Or did I make that up in my memory?

Thanks for the cool story behind those pictures.

mg said...

no you got it right... that was a good time. i blew my rear tire out jumping by lincoln general hospital and ran back to mw's house to get a tire.

when you gotta ride, you gotta ride!

thanks bryan,